About of Poil Indonesia

Poil Indonesia is a strategic digital partner that was born with a passion for work and innovation in the field of utilizing information technology. POIL INDONESIA is taken from the name Derivative Poil Nusa Jaya in the highest class part of an area in Indonesia.


Starting our footsteps in the digital world in 2014 (POIL INDONESIA), we continue to follow the latest changes in the internet world, especially in the news media blogging segment and content writer.


Currently, Poil Indonesia manages several digital assets that are managed remotely belonging to small to medium-scale Poil Group companies spread across the islands of Sumatra and Java.


Adapaun Poil Indonesia is under the auspices of the Poil Group Parent Company, the following are the Poil Group Company Entities.

All Businesses Relive To Service

Publisher, Content Writer, Web Design Services, Digital Marketing Services, SEO Services, Social Media Marketing Services, Google Ads Services, Facebook Ads Services, Instagram Ads Services, Video Marketing Services, Product Photo Services, Photo Branding Services, and Digital Branding Services.


Company Contact

Jogja Branch Address:

  • Jln. Sorowajan No. 102 A, Banguntapan, Yogyakarta 55198
  • Email: info.alfand@gmail.com


Palembang Branch Address:

  • Jln. Nusa Jaya Village, Kec. Belitang III, Kab. OKU Timur South Sumatra
  • Email: info.alfand@gmail.com


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Poil Indonesia