Removing odors rather than covering them with Namo Element is the Activated Charcoal NTUC pack. Activated charcoal is a natural deodorizer because its porous structure provides countless tiny holes that effectively absorb odors, moisture, formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, as well as volatile organic compounds.


Made from 100 Percent Natural Bamboo and beautifully designed, NAMO Element activated charcoal is the perfect answer to naturally yet effective odor removal from shoe cabinets to cars, office spaces, and more. Each pack comes with 2 X 75g factory sealed linen bags.


Activated Charcoal NTUC


Activated Charcoal NTUC has many surprising uses – from teeth whitening to clarifying masks. How can you incorporate it into your beauty routine? Read on to decide.


Having some free time after finishing his blog for the Singapore Blog Awards, Merlion Wayfarer decided to meet up with his friends. He was talking to a friend who used to work in the Housekeeping department of a hotel when he heard about the “secret”.


Apparently, this hotel used to have smoking and non-smoking floors. In an effort to promote non-smoking in their premises (Kudos!), the hotel is facing a problem with removing the cigarette smell from their rooms. After all, the hotel can’t rent out rooms that are “smoking” and reek of cigarette smoke.


So this Housekeeper is wondering – friends from the industry, friends who are housewives, mahjong kakis, etc etc etc. And one of his friends shared with him this brilliant idea – to use charcoal.

Activated Carbon Singapore Proven to be Environmentally Friendly

Merlion Wayfarer read up some websites on this:

Charcoal is carbon. Activated charcoal is charcoal that has been treated with oxygen to open up millions of tiny pores between the carbon atoms.


The use of special manufacturing techniques results in highly porous charcoals that have surface areas of 300-2,000 square meters per gram. These so-called active, or activated, charcoals are widely used to adsorb odorous or colored substances from gases or liquids. ️


Activated charcoal is extremely effective at odor control. The tremendous surface area of ​​activated charcoal (1 teaspoon = a football field) quickly adsorbs unpleasant scents – not just masks them. So, while other odor control techniques just cover up the smells, activated charcoal actually eliminates them permanently.


Activated charcoal is good at trapping other carbon-based impurities (“organic” chemicals), as well as things like chlorine. Many other chemicals are not attracted to carbon at all – sodium, nitrates, etc.


So they pass right through. This means that an activated charcoal filter will remove certain impurities while ignoring others. It also means that, once all of the binding sites are filled, an activated charcoal filter stops working. At that point, you must replace the filter.


And the Merlion Wayfarer questioned him further, “Is it a normal kind of charcoal, or a special kind?”

  1. He replied simply, “Just regular charcoal. BBQ type.”
  2. The next question he asked was, “How much do you need for each hotel room?”
  3. “Only 3-4 pieces per room. It will take some time to become effective, maybe a few days.”
  4. Now that charcoal can get rid of the smell of stale cigarettes, there’s no reason why it won’t help in absorbing dirt from the smog. Merlion Wayfarer is a game to try!


He hasn’t BBQ-d in a long time, so he googled for the cost of BBQ Activated Charcoal NTUC – 3kg for S$4.95 from NTUC:

Which is very affordable!

Think about it… despite the severity of the fog this round, if none of your family members are at risk, and it’s just “smelly” with a few mild symptoms, there’s no point in buying an expensive air purifier to use. Only a few days a year, right?


Now. Merlion Wayfarer has not tried this method. In fact, he was only going to try today. So try these suggestions with an open mind!


Oh yes. If you prefer to use activated charcoal, your expired charcoal pill can be an odor-absorbing alternative, albeit on a smaller scale.


Activated Charcoal NTUC Dressing is a silver-colored activated charcoal dressing, enclosed in a non-sticky nylon sheath. Traps odors while providing an effective barrier to bacterial penetration, which can help reduce infection.


The primary dressing is sterile, consisting of activated charcoal cloth, impregnated with silver, in a spun-bonded nylon envelope.

Binchotan Charcoal Suppliers from Indonesia Who Export Charcoal

Traps odors while providing an effective barrier to bacterial penetration – which can reduce infection

  1. Its triple-action traps odors while addressing the cause
  2. Activated charcoal traps odors in dressings
  3. Activated charcoal binds to bacteria and toxins that interfere with the healing process
  4. Silver kills bacteria in the dressing


Antimicrobial action

Activated Charcoal NTUC Dressing is effective against 150 microorganisms associated with wound infections


Odor and Exudate Management

Activated Charcoal NTUC Dressing eliminates bad odors and improves patients’ quality of life

The dressing also treats any exudate while helping to maintain a moist wound healing environment.



Activated Charcoal NTUC Dressing provides an effective barrier for bacterial penetration and to absorb irritating odors from wounds; the binding properties of the dressing trap bacteria, bacterial toxins, and odors.


Suitable as the first therapeutic step in the management of all chronic wounds. Indicated for fungating, ulcerative, traumatic, and surgical wounds where bacterial contamination, infection, or odor occurs.