Golden Fortune is a family-owned importer and wholesaler of Asian Food Wholesale Distributors to supermarkets in the United States. The company’s roots started in 1982 in Chinatown, Manhattan, New York City as a small grocery store on East Broadway by the Manhattan Bridge.


Years later, the company’s founders opened a wholesale grocery business in Brooklyn that eventually evolved into Golden Fortune when they relocated to New Jersey in 1999.


Asian Food Wholesale Distributors


Today, Golden Fortune Asian Food Wholesale Distributors many popular Asian food brands. The company’s quality products come from all over Asia:  China, Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and other countries. The company imports dried, frozen, refrigerated, seasonal, canned, and bottled products such as beverages, snacks, sauces, rice, noodles, and more.


Our Competitive Advantages

Unparalleled Logistics

Golden Fortune’s dedicated purchasing team is constantly placing orders with reputable manufacturers in Asia to import the best Asian food products into the United States. The company’s world-class sales team has a deep understanding of the Asian food industry and routinely visits customers located in the northeast, midwest, and the south to establish strong customer relationships.


The company’s fleet of trucks regularly delivers to customers in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania and the company works closely with shipping partners to transport full truckload shipments to other customers.

Chinese Food Distributors Specialized Imported Store Chains

Situated in Bayonne, New Jersey, the company enjoys the advantage of being in close proximity to six major New York and New Jersey seaports, three international airports.


Full-Service Marketing

Golden Fortune provides all of its brands with marketing support backed by a full-service in-house team. The company plans and executes comprehensive, cost-efficient, and fully tailored marketing plans and uses its connections with American and Chinese media agencies and social media contacts to increase the efficiency of the brand’s marketing budget.


Golden Fortune can also work together with the brand’s in-house marketing team to create appealing and creative marketing campaigns to drive sales, especially during special Asian holiday periods like Chinese New Year, Dragonboat Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival. The company has an experienced demo team to promote brands in supermarkets and at indoor and outdoor food events.


Massive Warehouse

Golden Fortune owns and operates a massive 270,000 sq feet warehouse with 21 exterior loading docks and 16 interior loading docks in Bayonne, New Jersey.  The company also has a custom-built 30,000 sq feet walk-in cooler and freezer for refrigerated and frozen goods.


Unlike other distributors that rent their warehouse or rely on third-party storage solutions that may limit their warehousing capabilities, Golden Fortune can utilize its massive storage to scale its inventory quickly to stock up on high-demand products and immediately respond to changing market conditions like new tariffs and logistical Register Your Interest.


Premier Authentic Supplier of Asian Food

Asia Market is Ireland’s Premier Authentic Supplier of Asian food and ingredients. Established in 1976, we provide the best quality Asian Food Wholesale Distributors to businesses throughout Ireland. Sourced by experts, we offer a huge variety of goods for wholesale trade at very competitive prices.


To find out how Asia Market can help with your wholesale deliveries, please complete the form below. A representative from our company will call you to discuss your requirements.

As Ireland’s leading Asian food specialist, we are dedicated to providing you with our diverse products and our thorough services. We would like to take this opportunity to briefly outline the terms and conditions for maintaining an open account with our company.

Japanese Food Wholesale Distributors Heights in Accountability

For all new customers, immediate payment is required. You can pay for goods on the day by cash or cheque (no post-dated cheque is accepted.) or prepay before delivery by bank transfer or credit card.


For all cheque payments, if a cheque is bounced, a €20 transaction fee will be applied to your account. If a cheque is bounced for the second time, we will only accept pre-payment or orders on a cash basis from that point onwards.



After one year with a good payment record, you may apply for credit. This will include credit days and also a credit limit. Your comments and feedback are important to us. Alleges would devastate Asian Food Wholesale Distributors with a large warehouse capacity.


Golden Fortune Import & Export Corp

  • Address: 55 Hook Rd, Bayonne, NJ 07002
  • Phone: (201) 823 0800
  • FAX (201) 243 9883
  • Hours: Mon–Fri, 9 am–6 pm