Don’t claim yourself as an ornamental Ayam Cemani for Sale Texas lover if you don’t know about Ayam Cemani chicken. Even though this chicken is originally from Indonesian, but don’t underestimate its popularity in other countries.


Ayam Cemani for Sale Texas from Indonesia


Ayam Cemani is a very exotic and rare chicken that is native to Indonesia, exactly in Kedu, Temanggung, Central Java, Indonesia. The beauty of this chicken no doubt is very popular among chicken lovers in the world. So, no wonder if Ayam Cemani’s price can reach a high, really high price.


What Makes Ayam Cemani Chicken So Beautiful?

Cemani chicken has a really beautiful appearance that makes people fall in love with it for the first time they see it. The beauty of Cemani chicken starts from its physical appearance which is totally black in all parts of the body. From the beak, plumage, eyes, skin, nails, bones, meat, even the internal organs are black. Only by knowing this fact, you must be interested in this chicken, right?

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Ayam Cemani Has a Healthy Black Meat

Now,  imagine consuming Ayam Cemani meat. What do you think of eating such black meat? Are you willing to consume it? Well, for some people they will say ‘YES’ since they know how healthy Cemani chicken meat is.  It shows that in addition to its beauty, Ayam Cemani chicken meat is also beneficial for humans health. Of course, it adds more value to this chicken.


Well, the solid black color in Cemani chicken’s body (inside and outside) is caused by a genetic mutation called fibromatosis. This mutation not only makes the outside part of the Cemani chicken black but also the inside part of this chicken. This is truly an unusual phenomenon that makes this gothic chicken claimed as the rarest chicken breed.


However, popular with its exotic black color, there is a fact that you should know. There are some parts of Ayam Cemani chicken which doesn’t have really black color.


  1. First, it’s blood. The blood color is similar to general chicken, but Cemani’s usually is darker.
  2. Second, its tongue. If we pay more attention to the Cemani chicken’s tongue, we can see that it is not really black. It is usually dark grey, even some chicken also has a white tongue like other general chickens.
  3. The last, Ayam Cemani eggs. Many people think that Ayam Cemani lays black eggs. However, this is a totally wrong opinion.


Cemani chicken hens lay eggs with cream-colored, sometimes brown. It is similar to other general chickens. So, the fact is Ayam Cemani doesn’t lay black color chicken eggs. 


How Much Do Ayam Cemani Cost?

Do you know how much Ayam Cemani price? Just guess how much is it before we discover more on this site.


In its native, Indonesians usually breed Ayam Cemani chicken for sale. The Ayam Cemani price can be different based on the ages. We, also provide Ayam Cemani from eggs, chicks, until adults. The Ayam Cemani price in each area can also be different. The following is the price list of Ayam Cemani in our place.


Ayam Cemani Price per Tail

  1. 1 Month @ IDR95.000
  2. 2 Months @ IDR135.000
  3. 3 Months @ IDR185.000
  4. 4 Months @ IDR235.000
  5. 5 Months Female @ IDR285.000
  6. 5 Months Male @ IDR335.000
  7. Adult Female @ IDR535.000
  8. Adult Male @ IDR735.000

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Actually, the price of Ayam Cemani will be different in another country. In Indonesia, the price of Ayam Cemani is still quite affordable, but in another country, it might be higher than in Indonesia. 


How Much Is The Most Expensive Chicken?

As we mentioned previously that the price of Ayam Cemani chicken can be different in other areas. The price of this chicken in Indonesia will absolutely be different in other countries. 


Ayam Cemani for sale Texas for example.  In other countries, Ayam Cemani chicken is very difficult to get because of its scarcity. This is also one thing that influences the high price of this chicken.


According to “Phoenix New Times”, Black Indonesian Ayam Cemani Chickens will cost you $5,000 a pair. Absolutely fantastic price, isn’t it? It is also said that the king of the expensive fowl would have to be this Indonesian chicken breed that will run you $2,500 a pop!