The Benefits of Agarwood is a plant that has blackish wood. Agarwood stems have a distinctive aroma, so they are often used as the main ingredient for perfumes that have high selling value. Agarwood grows a lot in Asia, especially in Indonesia.


What is the agarwood plant?


The agarwood plant is included in the Aquilaria genus. Although it is a woody tree, Agarwood is grouped under Non-Timber Forest Products (HHBK).

So far, the use of agarwood has been limited to the fragrance industry. Agarwood stalks are usually chopped and used as the main ingredient for making incense. In addition, Agarwood wood costs to be processed into various accessories which are believed to have magical powers to ward off genies and magic.

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Physically, the Agarwood plant is almost the same as the banyan tree. it’s just that, Agarwood does not have hanging roots. At the age of 25, Agarwood will produce sapwood, which is a black resin that smells good. This sapwood is what cultivators of agarwood are usually eyeing.

In fact, not only sapwood can be used from the agarwood plant. Agarwood stems can be processed into essential oils which are rich in benefits. In addition, Agarwood stems and leaves can also be used as herbal teas which are rich in properties. Here are some of the benefits of Agarwood stems.


Maintain kidney health

Agarwood stems are believed to be used as the main ingredient in herbal medicine for the kidneys. If brewed and drunk regularly, this plant stem tea can even treat chronic kidney diseases such as kidney stones and kidney failure. How to treat kidneys using agarwood plant stems like this has been practiced for hundreds of years in Japan and China.


Overcoming stomach pain

Tea made from Agarwood stems has been proven to be able to overcome various stomach ailments such as flatulence due to colds, constipation, and diarrhea.


Lower blood pressure

Agarwood stems have the property of removing blockages and dilating blood vessels. Therefore, steeping plant stems which are often used as an antidote to witchcraft can lower blood pressure.


Prevent premature aging

The waste of Agarwood stalk distillation will produce essential oil. The oil from the processing of agarwood stems can be used to prevent premature aging while protecting the skin from the bad effects of UV rays.


Prevent tumors

The benefits of aloes, which are very rarely known, are to prevent tumors. The trunk of agarwood contains flavonoids that are able to maintain cellular level health. For this reason, the stems of this plant can be used to treat tumors.


Prevent cancer

In India, agarwood has long been used as a colon cancer drug. Whereas in China, this fragrant plant stem is also used to treat various types of cancer. Not only that, but recent research also supports that one of the hidden benefits of Agarwood stems is to fight cancer cells and tumors.


Relaxing mind

As a plant that has a sweet smell, Agarwood is able to relax the mind. The fragrance produced by the agarwood stick will make the mood better. To use it, simply brew Agarwood sticks and then inhale the aroma. Another way is to burn agarwood and let it smoke fragrant smoke.

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Treat asthma

Other benefits of Agarwood stems are to treat respiratory disorders, especially asthma. This is because the stems of the agarwood plant have anti-asthmatic properties, which are to relieve and re-launch the respiratory system.


Overcoming insomnia

As discussed earlier, the aroma released by the agarwood stems is able to relax the mind. Therefore, inhaling the fragrance of agarwood at night can make you sleep better and wake up fitter the next day.


Control blood sugar levels

The benefits of Agarwood stems that have long been trusted by the public are for treating diabetes. Steeping agarwood plant stems is believed to be able to reduce blood sugar levels. To get maximum results and also a better taste, you can mix a little cinnamon stick in the brew.