Benefits of cardamom – Cardamom, a popular spice in the country since ancient times. This is a series of cardamom benefits for the health of the body. Cardamom, a spice that is no less famous than pepper. Understandably, cardamom has many health benefits.


Cardamom is used as a cooking spice


Not only that, but cardamom is also often used as a spice in cooking. Just so you know, cardamom has a slightly spicy flavor and a round shape. Launching a book entitled Indonesian Spice in the World Market: Facilitating the Search for the Spice Market, cardamom grows wild in high rainfall forests.

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Cardamom leaves are lanceolate in shape

This plant can grow up to 1.5 meters high. Cardamom leaves are lanceolate in shape with a pointed base and tip. The leaves of this plant are dark green. Launching from a book entitled Gout Disease Thanks to Herbs, cardamom contains essential oils, saponins, flavonoids, manganese, starch, protein, polyphenols, fats, and silicates.


Benefits of cardamom for health

Cardamom is widely sold in traditional markets, herbal medicine shops, and modern markets.

As information, all parts of cardamom can be used as herbal medicine. Here are the benefits of cardamom for health.


Strong medicine

Cardamom can be an option for those of you who are looking for herbal strong remedies.

Just so you know, cardamom plant boiled water is useful for increasing libido. This is because cardamom contains eucalyptol, borneol, and camphor.


Uric acid

Gout, one of the common diseases suffered by people in this country. Are you one of them?

Cardamom plant boiled water is useful for treating gout when consumed regularly.



Fever is not a disease to be worried about. Sometimes, fever is also a symptom of a disease. Rhizome aka root cardamom is useful for reducing fever.

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Heat inside

For those of you who often suffer from heartburn, cardamom can be the solution. You just need to boil the cardamom rhizome until it boils. Once warm, you drink cardamom boiled water. Apart from relieving heartburn, this drink can also warm the body.



Cardamom stimulates the production of saliva which helps the process of digestion of food.

Cardamom also contains fiber which is useful for preventing constipation. In addition, cardamom is also believed to reduce gas production in the stomach.


Prevent cancer

Cancer is a disease that is dangerous and can be life-threatening. Cardamom contains compounds that are effective in preventing the growth of cancer cells in the body. Cardamom is believed to prevent ovarian and prostate breast cancer.