Benefits of Coconut Water – Apart from its delicious taste with natural sweetness, coconut water can certainly be a thirst quencher which is very refreshing when drunk. But behind its delicious taste, it turns out that there are many magical benefits of coconut water. Quoted from Poil Indonesia, here are some of the health benefits of drinking coconut water.


Natural electrolyte drink

When we exercise, our bodies lose a lot of fluids, including various important ions in the body through sweat. Usually, this is overcome by consuming electrolyte-boosting drinks that we usually find on the market.

Well, if you prefer natural, without added sugar, then coconut water is a solution. The advantages of coconut water based on the study results, coconut water is easier to consume because it does not cause the effects of nausea, which is common experienced by sportsmen when drinking plain water or post-workout electrolyte-boosting drinks.


But the drawback is because coconut water does not contain added sugar, it has very little carbohydrate content, so it is not appropriate to use it as a drink for sports that require endurance (endurance). Coconut water is more suitable for drinking for those who do not have too long a sport.


Low in calories

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, a cup of coconut water contains 45 calories. This amount is very small compared to the calorie content in sugary drinks or soft drinks.

That is why coconut water is recommended as a substitute for sugary drinks because it contains a small amount of sugar and carbohydrates while being rich in minerals, namely sodium and potassium. Even so, still, the best drink is water, besides zero calories, it’s cheap too!


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High potassium

Compared to various other sports drinks, coconut water contains 8 times the amount of potassium. In 237 milliliters of coconut water, there is almost the equivalent of one banana. As we know, bananas are known to be rich in potassium.

There are many important benefits of the mineral potassium, including relieving cramps, maintaining body fluid balance, especially during exercise, and because the potassium content in coconut water is higher than the sodium level, it can also help reduce high blood pressure.


Contains antioxidants

It is known that antioxidants have an important role not only in the health sector but also in beauty. Eating types of foods and drinks that are rich in antioxidant compounds can help prevent oxidative stress from free radicals.

There are many bad effects of free radicals. Among other things, it increases the risk of serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease, triggers premature aging, and others. So, instead of drinking sweet drinks that don’t have a good effect on the body, it’s better to switch to coconut water. Refreshing, good taste, nutritious too!


Contains cytokinins

Cytokinins, a type of hormone whose function is to help plant growth, are also found in coconut water, you know! And based on research results published in the Journal of Food Processing & Technology, it is known that the cytokinins in coconut water have anti-aging properties and anti-cancer characteristics.