Benefits of Pandan – Many people already know that pandan leaves have a distinctive aroma so they are suitable when mixed into several types of food and drinks. Unfortunately, not many people know that pandan leaves also have properties for your body.


The Benefits of Pandan Leaves Are Very Many


Pandan leaves boiled water is often thrown away. In fact, the benefits of pandan leave boiled water are extraordinary! In several studies, dr. Arina Heidyana said that the benefits of pandanus leaves are numerous. Starting from relieving fever to lowering the risk of cancer. In more detail, here are the nine benefits of pandan leaves boiled water:


Relieves Fever

People with fever will usually like to drink warm drinks. If you are bored with tea or ginger water, you can try pandan boiled water. This traditional treatment method is believed to help make the body better.

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Reduces Pain

If you want to reduce pain in the head or joints, drinking boiled pandanus water is believed to be able to overcome the pain. However, don’t forget to find out the cause of the pain. The reason is, relieving pain does not mean curing the disease (it can recur at any time).


Normalizes Blood Pressure

Do you have headaches due to high blood pressure? Just boil the pandan leaves until the water becomes a little bit. In addition to taking medication recommended by your doctor, you can consume boiled water of pandan leaves to help maintain blood pressure conditions.


Overcoming Stomach Cramps

Instead of believing that stomach cramps, especially during menstruation, can be relieved by drinking soft drinks, it’s better to make pandan leaf tea. Pandan boiled water that is drunk warm can make the stomach condition better.


Detoxifies the Body

When it comes to detox, of course, you won’t be far from foods or drinks that contain antioxidants. If you are bored with lemon water or green tea, you can try pandan leaves boiled water. The reason is, drinking boiled pandanus water can protect the body’s organs, especially the liver from damaging elements (free radicals).


Helps Overcome Insomnia

Drinking warm drinks at night can relax your body and make it easier to fall asleep. Pandan leaf boiled water can be an option for those of you who don’t really like drinking warm milk because it might be too filling. Smell the aroma, then sip the pandan tea slowly. Surely you will be much calmer and the symptoms of insomnia can be relieved.


Increase Appetite

For those of you who want to restore your appetite because after being sick and want to have a more ideal body weight, you can drink pandanus boiled water. Just enough, you don’t need too much because it can actually make you bloated.


Relieves Rheumatic Pain

Some people apply certain creams when rheumatism recurs. If you want to try something natural, some pandan leaves that are put in a coconut oil stew can also be applied to the affected area. Don’t forget to cool it down first, OK!


Apart from being used as a flavoring and natural dye, pandan leaves also have health benefits. You can get the benefits of pandan leaves through various things. One of them is by drinking the boiled water.


Besides being drunk directly, pandanus leaf stew can also be used as a tea mixture or an ingredient for cakes and other dishes. Here’s how to boil pandan leaves as reported by Saveur.

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How to Boil Pandan Leaves

  1. Ingredients 940 ml of water
  2. 3-4 pandan leaves (the number may be more)


Steps to Boil Pandan Leaves

  1. Wash the pandan leaves thoroughly.
  2. Discard the white bottom so it doesn’t turn bitter.
  3. Tie a knot in the pandan leaves so that the aroma and juices come out. Boil the water until it boils, then add the pandan leaves. Cook for 5 to 10 minutes.
  4. Rest for a while to remove the remaining juices.
  5. Strain and chill for about 5-10 minutes.
  6. Pandan leaf stew is ready to use.
  7. You can drink it directly or mix it with ingredients to make cakes, puddings, or other drinks.
  8. Add tea water, ginger, or lemongrass stems to the pandan leaf stew to make it more delicious and delicious.