Benefits of Real Honey – Original/pure honey has long been known to have many benefits and properties in healing various diseases. But the most important thing is to get used to consuming honey in an effort to prevent various diseases.

The results to research by nutrition and food experts, honey contains the highest carbohydrate among other livestock products, such as milk, eggs, meat, cheese, and butter (82.3% higher). Every 100 grams of pure honey is worth 294 calories or a comparison of 1000 grams of honey.

Pure equivalent to 50 chicken eggs or 5.675 liters of milk or 1680 grams of meat. In addition, there are lots of studies on the content of honey, all of which confirm that honey has ingredients that are very beneficial for the health of the body and even the skin.

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Honey is good for consumption by all ages and in all these conditions it is highly recommended to get used to consuming it in everyday life. Some of the benefits and benefits of honey for daily consumption based on age and condition are as follows:

  1. Fetus: Honey can strengthen a weak fetus in the womb.
  2. Pregnant Women: Honey helps maintain stamina and health during pregnancy and helps high nutritional intake for healthy fetal growth during pregnancy.
  3. Babies: Helping the baby’s brain development, because every day the brain continues to develop until the age of 5 years. For that, he needs high nutrition. Brain growth and development are closely related to intelligence (IQ) and mental intelligence (EQ). To prevent the risk of botulism disease (honey contaminated with C spores), it should not be consumed for babies under 1 year of age unless it can be confirmed that the honey is hygienic. Good honey is also consumed as a food additive for breastfeeding mothers.
  4. Children: help increase appetite (there is a complete element of vitamin B in honey), so that children grow up healthy, lively and cheerful, and resistant to various diseases. (H. Mohamad, 2002).
  5. Adolescents: The benefits of honey in adolescent adolescents make it grow very fast, good nutrition and regularity will make the body’s growth perfect.
  6. Adult: The level of fatigue and accumulated work results in stress so that the body becomes weak and susceptible to disease. In this case, factory workers who work hard all day long (long shift) without adequate nutrition are prone to contracting diseases such as typhus, inflammation, and other bacterial infections, so in this case, Honey is the best supplementary food.
  7. Elderly: Honey is the best food that is indispensable for seniors because honey is a source of energy and nutrients that can be absorbed directly by the body, where at that age our digestive organs begin to decrease in function.

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Some simple tips/ways to distinguish the characteristics of real honey from fake honey:

  1. By pouring honey into a glass filled with cold water, real honey will immediately fall to the bottom of the glass and will not glow.
  2. In addition, when it is put into water, the honey remains solid and does not make the water cloudy. This is because real honey does not contain much water.
  3. Punch into a container of water then shake the honey in the water to form a beehive.
  4. Honey is heated in a spoon and then left for a certain time. If the honey is real, then the honey will overflow and fall from the container.