When every Footballer wants to build or maintain muscle mass, Protein is the main dietary requirement to help achieve this. Best Protein Shakes for Soccer Players is probably the most convenient way to consume the protein you need when compared to other sources such as whole foods.


However, with the many different types of protein on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is the best to buy. In this quick article, I aim to explain the different types of whey protein out there to help you make a more informed buying decision.


Best Protein Shakes for Soccer Players

Best Protein Shakes for Soccer Players are derived from the Protein found in Cow’s Milk, and this protein makes up about 20% of the total protein found in milk (the remaining 80% consists of casein). Whey is digested more quickly than casein, with estimated absorption rates of about 8-10 grams and 6.1 grams per hour, respectively.


In addition to the speed of digestion, the utility of protein sources to optimize recovery depends on the proportion of essential and branched-chain amino acids, particularly leucine. Whey protein contains large amounts of this and is arguably the highest quality of all dietary protein.


Types of Whey Protein 

Whey protein powder comes in three main forms:

  1. Whey Concentrate
  2. Whey isolate
  3. Whey hydrolyzate


Whey Concentrate

The Best Protein Shake for Soccer Players of the three is whey concentrate. It contains about 80% protein with 5-6% carbohydrates and fat. If you don’t mind ‘following’ carbs and fats, then this is probably the best option.


  • Inexpensive



  • Increase Carbohydrates & Fats


The lower Protein Level compared to other sources of the three is whey concentrate. It contains about 80% protein with 5-6% carbohydrates and fat. If you don’t mind ‘following’ carbs and fats, then this is probably the best option.


  • Inexpensive



  • Increase Carbohydrates & Fats
  • Lower Protein Level compared to other sources

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Whey Isolate

Isolate may contain up to 90% of the Best Protein Shakes for Soccer Players with minimal carbs and fat, so it’s naturally the best choice if you’re on a diet.


You can expect to pay less for whey isolate than concentrate, although when you factor in the higher percentage of protein in whey isolate, this price difference is minimal.


  • Low Fat & Carbohydrate Content
  • Highest Protein Content



  • More expensive


Whey hydrolyzate

Whey hydrolyzate is the most expensive of the three, with protein content typically ranging from 80-to 90%. Whey hydrolyzate is a concentrate or isolates that has been pre-digested using a process called hydrolysis.


Best Protein Shakes for Soccer Players essentially breaks down the long protein chains into smaller ones, resulting in a slightly faster rate of digestion.


The downside of hydrolyzed proteins is that they tend to have a bitter taste due to the presence of free-form amino acids. To me, the taste and cost of whey hydrolyzate are not offset by slightly faster absorption compared to whey isolate.


  • Faster digestion rate



  • Very expensive
  • Bitter taste
  • The protein content is lower than Isolate
Best Protein Shakes for Soccer Players Optimum Nutrition 100%
Best Protein Shakes for Soccer Players


Overall, whey isolate appears to occupy the top spot. Per gram of Best Protein Shakes for Soccer Players, it’s almost as affordable as cheaper whey concentrate, but without the added carbohydrates and fat.


While it’s not absorbed as quickly as the hydrolyzate, this difference under real-world conditions would be negligible, and certainly not enough to make you want to pay more for the bitter taste.


Finding the best supplements for soccer players is a big piece of the puzzle when you want to maximize your playing time on the soccer field.


Soccer athletes demand a lot from their bodies. They train hard, they train smart, and then they spend two 45 minutes (and maybe some downtime) pushing themselves aerobically and aerobically often pushing harder than athletes in most other sports.


The best supplements for soccer players allow these athletes to unlock all fuel reserves, utilize every ounce of their athletic ability, and focus their minds on dominating the competition.


Finding the right supplements for soccer players, however, Best Protein Shakes for Soccer Players can be a bit of a challenge. But that’s why I put together this detailed guide.

Here are some important details which I will cover below:

  1. How to find soccer-specific supplements
  2. How to stack and combine multiple supplements together for better results
  3. How to use soccer supplements safely
  4. How to use soccer supplements to increase practice time and playtime


And of course, I’m going to cover the top supplements on the market today for serious soccer players. Come on in!

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The Important Factors: Supplements for Soccer Players

For one thing, the Best Protein Shakes for Soccer Players athletic supplement industry is huge and has so many different products that trying to sift through them all is nearly impossible on your own.


Trying to browse for supplements that are specifically good for soccer players is like trying to trace a needle in a haystack sometimes.


That’s part of what makes this guide so valuable. I’ve covered all the weight lifting for you to track down the best supplements for soccer players available today so you don’t have to.


Get updates on the latest posts and more from Soccer Blade straight to your inbox. Use this as a bit of a cheat sheet to make things a lot easier while guaranteeing that you’re getting the best supplements specifically designed to improve your soccer performance.


Are There Soccer Specific Supplements?

You have bodybuilding-specific supplements, athletic supplements, and supplements designed to help people bulk up or cut fat. Nobody really markets their product as soccer-specific supplements, though.


There are a ton of soccer-specific supplements available on the market right now, supplements designed to give soccer players an almost unfair advantage when they step on the pitch or climb into the training room. I highlight a handful of the most impactful ones below.


Can I Use Multiple Supplements At Once?

Most Best Protein Shakes for Soccer Players know that it’s important to understand how everything you put into your body affects everything else.


There are certain things that can negate not only the effectiveness of a supplement but negating all the supplements you’re taking is essentially a waste of your time (and a mountain of money along the way).


That’s why all the supplements I recommend can be “stacked” on top of each other. You will be able to mix and match and combine different supplements with each other and with other Best Protein Shakes for Soccer Players to give yourself the biggest boost when you play soccer. And you can do all that without risking bad side effects. Talk about side effects.


Are Soccer Supplements Safe?

Some supplements are definitely safer than others. And there’s no shortage of products out there that you shouldn’t even consider putting into your body without strict instructions to do so from a personal trainer, medical expert, or team doctor.


All the supplements I recommend are completely safe to use, including one another. You don’t have to worry about any supplements causing strange or adverse effects as long as you use them in the way they are recommended for use.


Should I Only Use Soccer Supplements For Training?

Not all! Too many players think that Best Protein Shakes for Soccer Players are only for time spent training, time spent exercising, and time off-season to build a better soccer body.


Nothing could be further from the truth! All of the supplements I recommend below can be used not only while you’re training but also while you’re actively playing.


Some of them are, in fact, designed to give you a big advantage when you play especially when against competitors who don’t use supplements at all.


This is an “all year round” style football supplement that will take you to the next level. Now that we’ve covered all that, it’s time to dig a bit into what I think are the best supplements for soccer players available today.


The Best Supplements for Football Players

Optimal Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Powder, there isn’t an athlete on the planet who couldn’t use a little more protein in their diet! And Best Protein Shakes for Soccer Players powders aren’t necessarily performance-enhancing supplements.


Ingest lots of protein (especially high-quality protein like this source of 100% whey protein powder). This ensures that you can recover from intense physical activity much faster than before.



Optimum Nutrition is already a legend in the world of sports supplements. One of the biggest brands in the industry, and one of the most trusted names in the supplement world, Optimum Nutrition (ON) is well-liked for its protein powder formula.


Vanilla ice cream flavors have always been popular, as have strawberry flavors, but nothing beats Extreme Milk Chocolate.


Flooding your body with 24 g of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate, you’ll also get several whey peptides in the mix all designed to help support lean muscle mass repair, recovery, and growth.


What Is Optimal Nutrition 100% Best Protein Shakes for Soccer Players Is Used For Optimal Nutrition Whey protein powder is used in a number of different ways by football players, in the training room as well as off the pitch during training and on game days.


In the training room, this protein powder will help build bigger, faster, stronger athletes with dramatic performance gains (especially in the areas of strength, speed, and endurance).


Off the court, this protein powder will help athletes recover from grueling match days and long training sessions much faster than ever before.

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What Makes Optimal Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Powder Unique?

Optimal Nutrition whey protein powder is unique not only for its delicious formula (these are truly some of the best flavored Best Protein Shakes for Soccer Players money can buy), but also for its 5 g of BCAAs, limited carbohydrate and sugar content, and the fact that it is. that it is 100% gluten-free across the board.


Optimal Nutrition Performance 100% Whey Protein Powder

The instant properties of this protein powder guarantee that you are no longer dealing with lumps, lumps, or bulky clumps of Best Protein Shakes for Soccer Players in your shakes.


Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy only the highest quality protein powder in a thick, smooth, and creamy shake all without having to use a blender either.


This whey protein is quickly absorbed into the body as well, helping to flood you with the core building blocks you need to improve your athletic abilities and rebuild and restore your muscles after intense competition.


What is the best diet for a soccer player?

Include lean protein with each meal and snack: chicken, turkey, pork or beef tenderloin, fish, canned tuna, edamame, deli meats, hummus, peanut butter, nuts, and seeds. Choose complex carbohydrates more often: sweet potatoes, brown rice, Page 3 whole-wheat bread, whole-wheat pasta, and quinoa.


Are protein shakes good for soccer players?

Potentially Ineffective. Despite the substantial claims of improving performance, protein shakes do not improve soccer performance. According to Dr. James Betts of the University of Bath in the United Kingdom, adding protein shakes to the diet has no benefit for athletes.


What supplements do soccer players take?

Elite soccer players have nutritional weapons to improve performance on the field through dietary or ergogenic supplements such as taurine, citrulline, and arginine and ergogenic supplements such as creatine, caffeine, and sodium bicarbonate, beet juice (nitrate), and beta-alanine.


How much protein does a soccer player need?

Soccer players require around 1.3-1.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. Consuming protein in higher-than-recommended amounts will not increase muscle mass more quickly. Most athletes consume adequate amounts of Best Protein Shakes for Soccer Players, with vegetarian athletes paying close attention to their protein intake.

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