Clove Producer in Indonesia is the Best National Spice Barn

Clove producer in Indonesia is the best national spice barn

Indonesia has long been known as the best spice producer in the world. One of the reasons for the arrival of the colonizers was also inseparable from the abundant wealth of spices. So do not be surprised if one of the spices, namely cloves, can thrive in the archipelago.

Maluku Province is the largest contributor

Therefore, in several provinces, which are spice granaries, they become quite important commodities. Not only for local supplies, but Indonesia has also been able to export this type of Syzygium aromaticum plant.

In 2018 alone it is estimated that the total productivity on a national scale of this type of spice can reach 120 thousand tons. Maluku Province is the largest contributor to this type of plant which is usually part of this kretek cigarette product.

Then which provinces produce the most cloves in Indonesia? Check out the following reviews.

Clove Producer in Indonesia is the Best National Spice Barn

North Sulawesi

North Sulawesi Province (Sultara) can be projected to become the third-largest clove granary in Indonesia. With clove production in 2018 around 15 thousand tons more on a national scale. As for the level of productivity, it can reach around 351 kg/ha.

South Sulawesi

Still the same on the island of Sulawesi, South Sulawesi province became the second clove granary in Indonesia in 2018. Production of spices in this province reaches more than 17 thousand tons. The productivity level reaches around 494 kg/ha.

So it cannot be denied that this type of commodity plays an important role in the development of plantations.


In 2018 Maluku province was the largest clove producer in Indonesia. This plant thrives in this province of eastern Indonesia and is an important commodity. The productivity level itself reaches around 643 kg/ha. Meanwhile, in 2018, Maluku province could produce more than 21 thousand tons of cloves.

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