Coconut Water Calories – Low in calories, free of fat and cholesterol, and the ability to hydrate well. Those are some of the many benefits of young coconut water that have an impact on our health. Recently, more and more bottled water producers have made young coconut water the main ingredient of their products.

Because in addition to being delicious and refreshing, young coconut water is indeed proven to have health benefits. Anything? Check out the following reviews.


Benefits of young coconut water


Young coconut water consists of 94 percent water and very little fat. One coconut can usually produce 0.5 to a glass of young coconut water.

For every 240 ml of young coconut water, it contains the following nutrients:

  1. Calories: 46 grams
  2. Carbs: 9 grams
  3. Fiber: 3 grams
  4. Protein: 2 grams
  5. Vitamin C: 10% of the RDI
  6. Magnesium: 15% of the RDI
  7. Manganese: 17% of the RDI
  8. Potassium: 17% of the RDI
  9. Sodium: 11% of the RDI
  10. Calcium: 6% of the RDI.

*RDI = Reference Daily Intakes

Young coconut water also contains easily digested carbohydrates in the form of sugars and electrolytes.

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Benefits of young coconut water for health

With the various nutrients above, what are the benefits of young coconut water for health? Just take a look at the list below!


1. Natural sports drink

The natural electrolyte content in young coconut water makes it look like a sports drink. Especially if consumed without added sugar, food coloring, and artificial sweeteners.

Reporting from Medical News Today, research says young coconut water has the same ability as regular sports drinks. This is because it is able to hydrate and replace body fluids just as effectively after running. Make sure you consume pure coconut water because some packaged young coconut water products usually have added other ingredients such as artificial sweeteners.


2. Has antioxidant properties

Exposure to free radicals can lead to damage to body cells and increase the risk of disease. Reporting from Healthline, several studies mention the presence of antioxidant properties in coconut water.

Research conducted on these animals shows that coconut water has antioxidants that can change free radicals to no longer cause damage. There are also other studies that state similar results, unfortunately, no studies have been conducted on humans.


3. Benefits of young coconut water for diet

Young coconut water does have fewer calories than soda or other sweet packaged drinks. It also has a lower sugar and carbohydrate content than juice.

But even so, the calorie content of plain water is still less. So if you are on a diet, you can consume young coconut water occasionally if you want to drink a delicious drink but low in calories. For daily needs, water is still the main choice.


4. The benefits of young coconut water to lower blood pressure

Young coconut water is claimed to be able to lower blood pressure because of its very high potassium content, even higher than bananas.

Potassium has indeed been shown to be able to lower blood pressure in people with hypertension by counteracting the effects of sodium which can cause blood pressure to rise.

Although potassium can lower blood pressure, drinking large amounts of coconut water is not the answer. It is necessary to have a healthy and balanced diet so that blood pressure does not rise again.


5. Lowers cholesterol

Reporting from BBC Good Food, a small study on a mouse shows the potential of young coconut water to lower cholesterol. Even so, there have been no studies in humans, and even those studies have also been conducted on a small scale.

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6. The benefits of young headwater to fight diabetes

Reporting from Healthline, several animal studies with diabetes have shown that young coconut water can lower blood sugar and improve health.

A study on mice with diabetes that were given coconut water showed more stable blood sugar levels than mice that were not given coconut water.

However, it is necessary to do further research on humans to strengthen these results.


7. Prevent kidney stones

Kidney stones can occur when calcium, oxalate, and other compounds combine to form crystals in the urine. This crystal then forms a rock. Research on rats with kidney stones has shown that young coconut water prevents crystals from sticking to the kidneys and urinary tract. It is also able to reduce the number of crystals formed in the urine.

Even though plain water is the best choice, coconut water can also be a delicious drink option that is still safe for those of you who are at risk or susceptible to kidney stones.