Coworking Economico Milano – The freelance life is getting quieter by the day (or so they say!). Let’s take a look together, collaborators in Milan, that only a freelancer, or a small digital entrepreneur, can do. I wrote this guide when I needed to find accommodation for my agency and for the training activity of Laravel and Vue.js which I was responsible, at that time we needed two desks and a classroom to hold the lessons.


We do not want to discuss prices in a particular way, precisely because there is an official website of each colleague that is certainly better to update, in fact, we will talk in general about the price range. We will go to deepen in detail the pros and cons of the structures that we have had the opportunity to visit and in some cases even to stop for a period. We are an ultra super part guide, believe me, the pros and cons of everything and everyone!


Impact Hub Coworking Space


Great event, well done, and well organized. Let’s say that this is a collaborator for those who truly believe in a certain type of “collaborator”, therefore understood as a structure that without the network factor loses all its greatest claim to be “innovation” in every respect.


Impact Hub is also an incubator, yes, you are right. Every year a call is opened where the first 5 startups selected by a special jury will have the opportunity to be financed directly by Impact Hub (50k in all in exchange for a small fee). It is a start-up at the beginning and operates frequently and voluntarily in sectors such as education, environment, and environmental sustainability.


Impact Hub is located in Milan, via Via Aosta, 4, 20155, reachable by the Lilla metro. The Impact Hub is undoubtedly a great facility: large spaces, everything is brand new, clean, and convenient. The only drawback? Maybe a little too far from the center.

Coworking Space Rome and Nearby Excellent For Networking

Talent Garden Coworking Space

Without having to speak and praise the Tag (Talent Garden) which is now a structure present in all Italian cities from Milan, to Rome, to Turin, passing through Genoa and even in small towns in this guide, we focus on the Tag from Via Calabiana in Milan, in the south-east area near Corso Lodi near the Prada Foundation, so we will not go into the detail of another large Milan Tag, which is in Via Merano, near the red subway for Sesto San Giovanni.


The Tag Calabiana is a show, a real campus: restaurants, bars, classrooms of all kinds, gardens, swimming pools, open spaces everywhere… in short, really fun! In my humble opinion, it is without a doubt the most impressive and most interesting structure in Milan.


Tag Calabiana organizes all kinds of activities and the collaborators most of the time are dedicated to digital and IT professions. What the Calabiana Tag could weigh a little is the strong difference in price and service that is noticed for those who buy Flexi rates compared to those who have a personal office or a desk.


Coworking Garibaldi Coworking Space

Could Isola be missing a coworking? Super-renovated Milan district that for a couple of years has offered services, recreational activities, and places of great interest and where you can breathe a sparkling and international air no, a shared workspace could not be missing.


In reality, Coworking Garibaldi is not just this, it is something more. It stands in the middle between Business Unit and Coworking, managing to grasp an offer not only multiple but also happily in the midst of demand: small entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelancers, and companies of various kinds can find here what they are looking for in terms of office.


The training rooms are commendable: new, beautiful, spacious, and clean. What about the prices? Absolutely average, a coworking in Milan definitely worth considering!


Regus Coworking Space

Regus is a “mobile office” present in various parts of the city: here the super easy and super flexible attitude of those who live in coworking is more than welcome. It should be emphasized that Regus has its offices in truly strategic areas in Milan: the State University area and Corso Torino above all.

The Regus is therefore spectacular for those who love Flexi fares and sensational is the value for money.


But be careful, in many respects, the Regus does not have the networking and community input of other structures in Milan: here you enter, exit, pay everything on the site and then close the Mac and return to your life. Are there any networking activities? Yes, but they are limited.

Coworking Space Milano Allow For New Networking Opportunities

Base Coworking Space

I would like to define the Base as the “coworking of artists in Milan”. First of all, the Base is inside the building of the old Ansaldo via Bergognone where today exhibitions and events of all kinds swarm and with an undoubtedly suggestive location and a strategic central position, we are close to Via Savona, the area of the Salone del Mobile a few steps from Via Solari and not far from the Duomo, the Base remains one of the best choices in Milan in our opinion for “coworking”.


Open More Than Books Coworking Space

Coworking, bookshop, library, and meeting point: this is Open More Thank Books in Milan Porta Romana, precisely in V.le Montenero 6. A really nice place with a capital B, undoubtedly a pleasant surprise for us, with affordable rates. all.


Let’s say immediately that Open More Than Books has more the structure of a managed space rather than a coworking, in the sense that if you are a developer and you need a fixed location with your fixed PC it is not the most suitable place but apart. this location is really of a great level, to try absolutely! The restaurant service is remarkable for quality and price.


Copernico Coworking Space

Copernico is “an institution in Milan”, it is located in the center very close to the Central Station, precisely via Copernico 38. What can I say, the building is not very impressive: super modern, bar lounge, gym, and many other ancillary services of great, very great importance. Copernicus divides its office hosting service into two types: real Coworking (among other things with very interesting internal events) and Business Unit.


And here we are with the pros and cons of Copernicus. Copernico is a phenomenal structure, equipped with a secretarial service that the other coworking centers mentioned here do not have, and it is super suitable (as an environment and as a possibility of networking) for those who already have a mini-company structure: 5 – 15 staff.


Login Coworking Space

Login, in Via Stefanardo da Vimercate 28, Metro Gorla, is a simple structure, really easy, “perhaps not too organized” (and here we already underline a small defect) but excellent and really great value from the point of view of the quality and price of the stations. Perhaps in Milan, Login is number one in terms of price-quality of the desk and Flexi workstations based on the services offered.


Login must also be said that it is supported by a high-level structure: very beautiful classrooms, large and comfortable, quality kitchen/bistro + many small “inlets” for meetings and reunions of all kinds, truly beautiful structure.


YoRoom Coworking Space

Another interesting opportunity that lights up “on the streets of the now lively Isola district is YoRoom, a modern and well-conceived structure of YoRoom: large spaces, clean and with a propensity for collateral activities of a certain importance thanks to the 6 meeting rooms which are often used for courses, workshops, and so on.


Donatello Coworking Space

If you are interested in the typical structure of coworking: rent a location and related secretarial services. At the edge of Porta Venezia, very well connected to the center (Loreto metro) is the Donatello coworking, value for money certainly one of the flagships of the Milanese scene.

Coworking Isola Milano for Coworking Space or Private Offices

Ecoworking Coworking Space

Ecoworking is an elegant and comfortable structure located in Via Friuli in Milan in the Porta Romana district. The environment is small, sober, and quiet, you work well in Ecoworking thanks to the seriousness and helpfulness of the management.


Of all those mentioned, it is the “post office” of all, here we are faced with a mini business unit that has little shared space. The meeting room is remarkable for its comfort and brightness.


Combo Coworking Space

Combo certainly deserves a separate paragraph: place, meeting point, innovative bar… in short, a free port for young people who are looking for a space to work in Milan.

Beautiful, illuminated, non-disturbing background music, a sparkling and “young” atmosphere immediately put you in a position to open your PC, have a coffee at the bar, and sit down.


The price is accessible to everyone, and moreover, the space is huge, inside and out and all very well organized and “spaced out” in times of pandemics.


The combo is known to be born as a hostel, but downstairs it has spaces that really need to be considered; a very fast connection will take you to one of the most beautiful places in Milan where you can work alone or with your colleagues remotely and/or in smart working.


Only limit? Yes, from 12 to 15 the bar/restaurant of the hostel takes back the tables for a while … but if you agree to have lunch there, (I’ve never had lunch there) you probably also eat quite well and stay seated, it’s up to you.