Coworking Space Milano with research showing that coworking spaces increase productivity and creativity, and enable new networking opportunities, it’s no surprise that many of the world’s most successful startups have been incubated in these designated collaborative spaces.


As Italy’s capital for business and innovation, Milan has a stylish and quiet co-working space. Whatever your needs, Milan has something for those who are eschewing the more typical office environment in favor of something a little fresher, a little more flexible, and a lot more fun.


Maybe you’re looking for a chic place to attract some potential investors, or maybe you’re looking for the perfect private place for you and your coworkers to collaborate. Maybe you just want your own quiet corner and a nice big cup of coffee so you can create another chapter of the novel you’re working on.

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Whatever your needs, here are our 10 best co-working spaces in Milan.

Copernico Milano Centrale


Address: Via Copernico, 38

Copernico’s coworking spaces cover almost any requirement a start-up or freelancer could require. For the more established start-up, there are individual office spaces (with soundproofing and daily housekeeping). But there’s also a communal area for networking and quiet working, a café, a park, and access to the affiliated Naked gym for when you feel the need to finally get up and fix your posture.


Talent Garden

Address: Via Arcivescovo Calabiana, 6 – Via Merano, 16

Talent Garden delivers all you could expect from a coworking space, and then some. With 13 offices around the world and two on the outskirts of central Milan, there’s a reason why this coworking venture is on the rapid rise.


Conference rooms are of course offered, as are relaxation rooms complete with foosball tables. There’s a café, restaurant and at the Calabiana office, even an outdoor swimming pool. This is definitely the place for innovators looking for a dynamic and engaging work environment.



Address: Via Mengoni, 4

Regus was one of the first dedicated coworking spaces on the scene in Milan. The business now boasts 16 offices around Milan and a total of 33 in Italy. Regus offers a more traditional working environment than some of the newer players on the coworking scene but is perfect for professionals requiring just a little bit more flexibility from their working environment.


Donatello Coworking

Address: Via Donatello, 30

A young and rampant new entry into the co-working space universe of Milan, Donatello distinguishes itself by the serenity of its location, expanding across two floors, and its competitive rates that offer maximum flexibility.


This is a very smart workspace as it has a digital reception desk, with an app that gives customers 24-hour access as well as a video surveillance service that ensures the safety of all fixed equipment. The breadth and variety of space, moreover, allows for the perfect organization for any type of activity, be it individual or group. A place to remember.

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Address: Via Passtrengo, 14

YoRoom offers a clean and fresh workspace for you to clear your mind and focus on the task at hand. YoRoom has declared its ambition to foster “socially responsible communities” and with an area of over 1,000 square meters, this is a great place to incubate ideas that might one day change the world.



Address: Via Privata Ettore Paladini, 8

Santeria, located in the slightly alternative Lambrate, is more than just a co-working space. For those considering collaboration and networking, this is a great choice. Not only does Santeria offer a bar and cafe, but it also has a lovely outdoor terrace for the warmer months and hosts events including the occasional live music.


Sarpi Otto

Address: Via Paolo Sarpi, 8

At oTTo’s, through Paolo Sarpi, the line between coworkers and cafeterias is very thin. As space, it wants to be open to everyone, a place where you can feel free to work, but more space to gather and that’s why guests are asked to take their eyes off the computer at lunch, dinner, or on the weekends.


The space is large and bright, and if you have some work to do, staying here, even all day, would be a pleasure. The furniture blends a Scandinavian aesthetic with a few touches of green, which is uplifting to the environment. In addition, when you are done with your work, you can reward yourself with drinks!


Qf/Qwork + Qbaby

Address: Via Procaccini, 11

Qf/Qwork+Qbaby is “the” place for the creative working mum. In addition to a number of private offices and conference rooms, this co-working space offers a crèche for the parent who juggling both family life and work life. There’s also a relaxation room, because if anyone deserves a bit of R&R.

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Base Milano

Address: Via Bergognone, 34

The base is another option for creatives seeking collaboration and synergy: ample space and perfectly equipped for every modern need. With over 2000 square meters of desks and laboratories, it is the perfect place to stimulate concentration, creativity and promote networking among customers.


A quiet and serene place, of course, but also very bright and in a convenient position (walking distance from Porta Genova station) as well as a real cradle of many creative projects.



Address: Via Olona, 11

Located in the Sant’Ambrogio area, Coffice offers a slightly different touch to the co-working space. At first glance, you might think this bright and airy room is a simple cafe. And you’re still half right. At Coffice, you pay by the hour, while coffee and a sweet and salty buffet are included in the tab. This is a great place for those who prefer to get to their daily to-do list.