Culinary Business School – Foodizz launched the first Culinary Business School program in Indonesia with an integrated curriculum. Foodizz is a startup that was founded in 2018 and has succeeded in becoming the first educational platform in the field of F&B in Indonesia.


“We see that there are a lot of gaps that are big enough that many culinary businesses could fail,” said Rex Marindo as CEO of Foodizz in the Online Press Conference on the Launch of the Culinary Business School,

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Rex, who is also famous as a Warunk Upnormal entrepreneur, said most culinary business failures were caused by a lack of comprehensive knowledge. “Therefore, Foodizz is here to provide education and narrow the gap by launching the latest educational program, namely the Culinary Business School,” concluded Rex Marindo.


The government also welcomed the launch of this business school. “I hope that the Culinary Business School can produce culinary business people in Indonesia who are able to compete in the global market,” said the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno in a welcoming video for the launch of the Culinary Business School,


Culinary Business School is an integrated curriculum-based learning program based on the theoretical background (theoretical), field reality, and study examples obtained from workshops. This culinary business school program can be followed directly offline in the city of Bandung, West Java.


In addition, participants who live outside Bandung can also take part in this program online. In contrast to online courses that are material deepening, this business school is more aimed at beginners in the culinary business field.


“We hope that the Culinary Business School will help realize the vision and mission of Foodizz,” said Rex Marindo. He targets the creation of 15 million jobs through 5 million candidates and culinary business people.

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Another goal is to help develop local culinary businesses to national and global levels. Previously, Foodizz claimed to have succeeded in educating more than 10,000 culinary entrepreneurs in Indonesia through its workshop programs and courses.