Dates and Honey – Consumption of dates and honey at dawn can increase immunity. Consumption of both when breaking the fast is also good because it can replace the energy and blood sugar that falls during fasting.


But, what about people with diabetes? Is it okay to consume dates and honey at the same time, considering that both contain high enough sugar?


Clinical nutrition specialist, dr. Feni Nugraha, MARS, M.Gizi, SpGK, explained that the limit of sugar consumption per day is 25 grams or the equivalent of 2 tablespoons, including sugar that is included in cooking. And diabetics, it is advisable to only consume sugar as much as cooking spices.

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If you want dates, you can. So, per one date weed is approximately 5 grams. If people with diabetes want to consume a maximum of 3 dates in 1 day, but the dates are small, “he said in the Healthy Living broadcast.


Then, what if the consumption is added to or together with honey?

If it is added with honey, it is not allowed, because the sugar in honey is considered simple sugar. “For people with diabetes, it is not recommended, because it can increase blood sugar levels,” said doctor Feni.


Well, when breaking the fast, consumption of dates combined with honey is good. But, what if it is added with some other takjil, which is identical to the iftar dish?


When breaking the fast, our energy and blood sugar does decrease. What is fast to restore blood sugar levels, we choose the sugar that is quickly absorbed by the body, one of which is dates and honey.


If you want a combination with compote and others maybe you can, but you have to choose just one. Because both are sources of sugar. Especially if it’s made from flour, it’s a source of carbohydrates too, quickly providing energy for our bodies.


So, maybe if you want it you can, but be careful not to overdo it. if dates, the remaining one can be used for compote, but don’t overdo it because it’s also high in calories.