Hyundai Claims Ownership of the Electric Car Market in Indonesia

Hyundai Claims Ownership of the Electric Car Market in Indonesia

Electric Car MarketPT Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID) claims to have sold more than 300 electric cars in Indonesia. This considerable amount has been achieved by HMID since Hyundai Ioniq and Kona Electric were released in November 2020.


Sales of Electric Cars in Indonesia

Makmur, Chief Operating Officer (COO) HMID, said that sales of electric cars in Indonesia are quite surprising. The results show a large positive interest from consumers towards Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) or electric cars.

“This is very positive, we are surprised that the consumer response to EVs can be over 300 units,” said Makmur to at the Hyundai Track Day event.


Hyundai Ioniq and Kona Electric

If divided, the ratio between Ioniq and Kona Electric sold is 40:60. Makmur said that users of sedans and SUVs in Indonesia are different. “For comfort, it is a more comfortable sedan.

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Automotive Industry in Indonesia

But for those who are young at heart, they prefer SUV, because they also like to drive their own car, “said Makmur. Meanwhile, when asked about the Hyundai electric car sales target in 2021, Makmur said that there was no target figure. But the target is to become a game-changer in the automotive industry in Indonesia


Consumer Response to Electric Cars

So how to be a leader for BEV players. If we look at it now, we are already leaders. Because we take out the car, consumer response is also very positive, “he said.

Hyundai Ioniq has two choices, first, there is Prime at Rp. 637 million, then Signature for Rp. 677 million. Meanwhile, Kona Electric is valued at Rp. 697 million, all of these prices are OTR Jakarta. Both BEV models are imported intact, aka CBU status from South Korea.

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