Elenco Coworking Milano is the city with the highest concentration of coworking spaces in Italy. After the Covid 19 health emergency, the Municipality of Milan has developed an “adaptation strategy” which is the subject of a public consultation process and the Administration intends to implement a series of measures aimed at workers, professionals, and businesses to promote the use of co-workspaces. Register your place by responding to City Alerts or view a map of accredited collaborators on YesMilano.it


To support the creation and dissemination of shared work experiences, starting in 2013 the City Government has carried out a series of interventions such as providing incentives for colleagues, contributing to supporting investment, and establishing a “Qualification List” for colleagues who are active in the city.

Elenco Coworking Milano


The reality listed on the Qualification List is also involved by the City Government in promotional actions and experiments on new “smart” forms of work such as “Agile Work Week”.


Following the Covid 19 health emergency, the Municipality of Milan has developed an “adaptation strategy” which is the subject of a public consultation process. Among other things, the adaptation strategy aims to reduce travel between different parts of the city, increase the environmental dimension and provide various services to residents within a 15-minute walk from their homes.

Coworking Milano Garibaldi is a Coworking Space and Rent-Out

In this updated context, the Administration intends to take a series of actions aimed at workers, professionals, and businesses to promote the widespread use of co-working spaces in the neighborhood as an alternative to working from home and commuting to work.


At its headquarters, the Department of Economic Innovation and Business Support has reopened registration of the Qualified List in line with the Covid-19 crisis adaptation strategy.


Specifically, through this tool, the Administration intends to:

collecting and disseminating verified and updated information about the citywide offering of professional collaboration services; monitor the implementation and evolution of these types of services in different areas of the city; carry out promotional actions and communication campaigns through the institutional media of the Municipality of Milan, also in collaboration with the Municipal Promotion Board “Milano & Partners”;


carry out activities to support the agile work of city employees and establish cooperation with trade unions and trade unions; carry out studies and research, as well as establish cooperation with universities and research centers at the national and international levels.


The minimum access requirements and procedures for registering on the Eligible List are specified in the attached Notice.

Coworking Milano Centrale is Ideal for Freelancers and Companies

The application for registration in the Eligible List must be submitted by the coworking service management body, namely:

  1. Companies registered in the Register of the Chamber of Commerce;
  2. A properly established Foundation or Association;
  3. Other public and/or private bodies that are properly formed.


This subject must have a registered and/or operational head office in the Municipality of Milan.

Interested parties may submit applications for inclusion, using the form attached to the Call, starting from the same publication date and until 31/12/2021, except for extensions.


With further action, and in collaboration with competent institutions, the map can be expanded to active spaces in the area of ​​the Metropolitan City of Milan.


Loft Coworking Milan: we were there too!

Also our Coworking Loft from 8 March 2016 is included in the list of suitable coworking service providers in the Municipality of Milan. We’ll just have to wait and see what steps will be planned in the future, for the good of colleagues who want to take advantage of the certified space (as happened in the past with the call above): meanwhile, to facilitate companies and professionals who want to take advantage of our new space, we have developed some very attractive offers.

Coworking Economico Milano for the Training and the Lessons

Another incentive for our collaborators

For your business development, the functional and friendly Loft Coworking space in Milan can be used on an ‘easy’ two-month trial contract, at an estimated introductory price for a growing company. Call us or write us an email: you will receive a unique offer soon.


As a collaborator, you can also use our very well equipped meeting room in Milan (with video, projector, and digital whiteboard) at a 30% discount: The Loft is actually a multifunctional space, perfect as an office and as an event space, it can be configured to suit your needs. with your needs, with your needs.


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