Food and Beverage Industry – The Ministry of Trade said that Indonesia’s food and beverage (F&B) products are ready to hit the markets of the Gulf Region and the Middle East. One way is by Indonesia’s participation in the Gulfood 2021 exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) on February 21-25, 2021.


Potential Market for Indonesian Food Exports


“The United Arab Emirates is a hub for the Gulf Region and the Middle East. As a potential market, the export value of Indonesian processed food to the UAE in 2020 was recorded at USD 89.42 million, or an increase of 27.09 percent compared to the previous year,” said the Director-General of Export Development. National (PEN) Kasan quoted from Antara.

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Increasing the Value of Indonesian Food Exports

Kasan said that Indonesia’s food and beverage market in the Gulf and the Middle East has the potential to continue to increase. This can be seen in the increase in the value of Indonesian processed food exports to the UAE in 2020. Gulfood is the largest and most prestigious annual international exhibition in the UAE. In 2020, this exhibition was attended by 5,000 participants from 120 countries and visited by 92,902 visitors/buyers from 186 countries.


About 59 percent of visitors come from America and Asia, while the rest are local visitors. At this year’s event, 15 Indonesian companies participated.


Increase in Exports in the Middle East Gulf Region

“Even though the pandemic is not yet over, the Ministry of Trade wants to take advantage of the moment at the beginning of the year and ahead of the Expo 2020 Dubai to kick off the market for Indonesia’s superior food and beverage products that can contribute to increasing export value in the Gulf Region and the Middle East,” said Kasan.


Of the 15 Indonesian companies that participated in this exhibition, Pavilion Indonesia featured 10 companies facilitated by the Ministry of Trade. “Through this trade promotion, it is hoped that it can echo Indonesia’s participation in Expo 2020 Dubai so that it plays a maximum role in reaching countries in the Gulf region and the Middle East,” said Kasan.

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Trends in Indonesian Processed Food Exports to the UAE

In the last five years (2016-2020), the trend of Indonesian processed food exports to the UAE has grown by 6.23 percent. Exports of these commodities in 2020 reached USD 89.42 million. The five processed food products exported to the UAE with the highest scores during the period were cocoa, coffee extract, spices, vegetable oil, and confectionery.


Meanwhile, in 2020, Indonesia’s non-oil and gas exports to the UAE reached the US $ 1.23 billion. Five products exported from Indonesia to the UAE with the highest value in that period, namely palm oil and its derivatives, jewelry, vehicles, steel, and mobile phones.