All of our Frozen Pork Supplier Singapore from Wicks Manor, a small, family-run pig farm in Essex, England. On farms, piglets are born in large thatched pens that allow their mothers to leave the nesting area. Once weaned from the mother, the piglets move to a hay yard with outside access, giving them plenty of room to express their natural behavior.


Here they are provided with nutritious food and clean water throughout the day. Piglets have the best of both worlds as they are protected from the sometimes harsh elements of nature, but have plenty of room to roam and play.


Frozen Pork Supplier Singapore


Frozen Pork Supplier Singapore his natural lifestyle helps the pork develop a wonderful depth of flavor while remaining relatively lean.


The pigs are fed a natural diet of non-GMO wheat and barley grown and milled at Wicks Manor. Vitamins and minerals are added to balance their diet. Non-GMO soybeans are added (to some rations, not all) to provide protein and energy.


Best practice farming techniques are used and the highest standards of nutrition and animal welfare are applied. Frozen Pork Supplier Singapore is fully traceable and all animals live under the strict regulations of Farm Assured British Meat. The high quality and outstanding taste of this pork have been recognized nationally in the UK with Wicks Manor winning many awards.


I have enjoyed several visits to Wicks Manor ranch over the last few years and love the fact that each visit brings something new!


From driving the combined harvesting machine and knowing that this is the food given to the pigs, to watching Alan the Pig Manager herd the garbage, there is never a dull moment on this family farm which is a true example of complete traceability on the “farm to plate” journey.

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Apart from the abattoir

Wicks Manor controls every aspect of the production, something they have worked tirelessly to achieve. I always try to stay the night at the farmhouse run by “mother”, which serves the most amazing coffee and toast in the morning!


It is an absolute pleasure to work with Wicks Manor. They are genuinely nice people who wake up every day trying to do the right thing in their little corner of Essex, England. I hope you enjoyed this video, which highlights the well-being of pigs and their beautiful surroundings.


Our Frozen Pork Supplier Singapore at source by Wicks Manor in the UK, immediately after processing. We are not allowed to import fresh pork from the UK (AVA requirement). Our pork comes via sea freight and has a long shelf life of 12 months, due to the vacuum seal packaging and the fact that the meat is frozen at the source.


Wicks Manor Farm in England believes that happy, stress-free pigs produce the highest quality meat. With a completely traceable supply chain, a lot of care and attention is paid to ensuring the pigs are well fed (on natural grain produced by the farm itself) and have plenty of hay yard space to run around.


Also, check out our new Calderón & Ramos Iberico Cebo pork. Sustainably bred for a minimum of 10 months, these Frozen Pork Supplier Singapore are at least 50% Iberian breed, producing a smooth, superior texture that we’re sure you’ll love!

Frozen Pork Supplier Singapore Have the Best of Both Worlds
Frozen Pork Supplier Singapore

As per SFA rules, no product may be labeled hormone-free

You may have noticed that my team has removed the phrase ‘No hormones’ from our website and packaging, and changed ‘No antibiotics’ to ‘Raised on no antibiotics’.


Naturally, nothing has changed in terms of the quality or origin of the product, of Frozen Pork Supplier Singapore only that there is a clarification from the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) that this term should not be used by any retailer in Singapore.


For me, this helps frame the interesting debate around the food quality of Frozen Pork Supplier Singapore, how we can label things accurately, and whether level play should be applied to food.


The SFA’s view of ‘no hormones’ is that all animals contain hormones. We are also not allowed to say ‘free of growth stimulants’ because whole grains are considered growth hormones. This is challenging considering the difference between natural animal hormones and hormones added to accelerate the growth process.

Frozen Food Supplier Singapore Based On Your Demand

We offer a point of difference

Regarding ‘no antibiotics’, the SFA does not allow this claim as no meat in Singapore is allowed to contain antibiotics at the point of consumption.


However, there is a big difference between farmers who give all their animals antibiotics at an early age to prevent disease and farmers who use antibiotics as appropriate to treat individual animals that get the disease.


We obviously only work with the latter and vets always mark meat as free of traces of antibiotics before it is allowed to be processed for sale. We can no longer say ‘no antibiotics’ and instead have to say ‘raised up without antibiotics’. Our procurement and product practices remain as they always are.


I firmly believe that the false claims made in the industry should be eradicated. You just look to England and the horsemeat scandal, or the fake Tesco ranch. Customers need to stay safe and be able to make informed choices about what they are putting into their bodies, and their children’s.


It’s important to know that not all food (especially meat) is produced equally and I look forward to the day I can scream from the rooftops about the quality and origins of our farmers!


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