Gayo Coffee Beans is a coffee variety produced within the districts of Aceh Tengah, Bener Meriah, and Gayo Lues, all located in Gayo Highland. Grown at an altitude between 900 and 1700 meters above sea level, Gayo Arabica Coffee has bright acidity and delicate bitterness, with strong, complex flavors reminiscent of nuts, caramel, chocolate, and fruits.


The Arabica coffee varieties cultivated for Gayo Arabica coffee are Borbor, Timtim, P-88, Ateng Jaluk, and S 795 – they can be used as a single variety of coffee or combined in a mixture.


Gayo Coffee Beans


Gayo’s coffee flavor character is a strong body and aroma. Low acidity level with a little spice (spice). The strong but not bitter taste of Aceh Gayo coffee makes it very popular, especially in the United States and Europe. The clean character makes it sell well as a house blend.


Plantations in Gayo, Central Aceh are on average at an altitude of 1,000 to 1,200 meters above sea level. The location is around the city of Takengon and close to Lake Tawar. The majority of the tribes living in this area are Gayo people.


Plantations in this area are managed by individuals and the cultivation is carried out in shade-grown coffee to reduce the intensity of sunlight. The seeds produced are Arabica seeds which are suitable for planting here.

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Aceh Gayo Coffee Taste

Q graders who have tasted it on average think that the taste of Aceh Gayo coffee tends to be nutty and buttery. The aroma is very strong with accents of nutty and spice. The acidity is very low, the sweetness tends to be high, and the resulting body is medium. This distinctive character distinguishes it from coffee from other regions, such as Java and Sulawesi.


The taste character of Aceh Gayo coffee is actually similar to Sumatran coffee in general, the difference is that it has a clean aftertaste. Because of the character of the taste of the beans, this coffee is often used as a mixture for house blends in cafes.

There are more than one variety and various flavors of gayo coffee that you can find in the market. The most traded and cultivated varieties are time and red bourbon. This is due to the habit of farmers there who grow different plant varieties in one garden.


Method of Processing Aceh Gayo Coffee Beans

The method of processing seeds that is mostly used by farmers in Gayo is the dry process method. This process is one of the factors that create a taste profile that tends to be sweet. There is also Aceh Gayo coffee which is processed by natural fermentation so that it has a taste similar to wine.


The taste of Aceh Gayo coffee

The taste of Aceh Gayo coffee is indeed delicious, but the single-origin character is very limited. If you want to experience a more unique and delicious gayo coffee, try house-blend from Sasame Coffee. Also, visit the Kopipedia page for more info.


Sumatra is famous for its great coffee plantations, producing the most preferred and excellent coffees which exhibit interesting characteristics. This is the embodiment of rich Coffee with an earthy, spicy taste and also a low acidity level that makes this coffee echo deep in our hearts.


The Gayo Highlands in central Aceh are picturesque pine mountains, only accessible by road and therefore quite remote. The city of Takengon is located at the bottom of a beautiful lake, Laut Tawar (Danau Tawar) with towering mountains all around.

Gayo Arabica Coffee Varieties

It is home to the Gayo people, an ethnic group with their own language, strong music, and dance culture, and a society of highly educated clergy. Gayo is the country of coffee. As far as the eye can see are coffee plants.


The best time to come to Tanah Gayo is in the middle of the year when the coffee plant begins to flower, the hilly land is filled with white flowers of fragrant coffee.


The coffee grown in this region is Gayo Arabica coffee, a coffee variety that has recently grown rapidly in Indonesia. In the past, the people of Aceh were deceived by the Dutch colonialists who said that Arabica coffee was only for the nobility while Robusta coffee was only for the natives.

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Gayo Arabica Coffee Exported Overseas

So because most people only know robusta coffee, arabica coffee is exported abroad for European “aristocrats” to enjoy. Now, after the public has begun to recognize that Arabica coffee is preferred, the development of coffee is also very fast with the decrease in the volume of coffee exports and the increasing domestic demand from time to time.

  1. Region: Bener Meriah, Gayo
  2. Altitude: 1500m
  3. Processing Method: Semi Washed
  4. Roasting Profile By request – Light, Medium, and Dark Roast
  5. Cupping Notes: Herbs. Sweet Spices. Cloves.
  6. Net Weight: 200g


Characteristics of Aceh Gayo Coffee Single Origin

  1. Fragrance / aroma: fresh nutty.
  2. Flavor: complex coffee flavor with hints of vanilla.
  3. Acidity: good acidity.
  4. Body: medium to the high or full body (rich).