Get to know Global Cyber University, Campus V and Jimin BTS

Get to know Global Cyber University, Campus V and Jimin BTS

Global Cyber University – Two members of the Bangtan Boys group, V BTS and Jimin BTS have completed their undergraduate education at Global Cyber ​​University, South Korea.

Both of them successfully earned bachelor’s degrees in Entertainment & Media. Not only that, but they were also awarded the President’s Award at the graduation ceremony.


Global Cyber ​​University, South Korea

V and Jimin graduated last August 2020. However, the two of them were unable to attend the graduation ceremony that was being held. The procession of giving awards to the two was represented by their advisor, Professor Cheon Beom Joo.

In the award, it was stated that V and Jimin were exemplary citizens who had a positive influence. Both are expected to make a greater contribution to society and the world.


“As an exemplary citizen who has taken the lead in practicing the university’s founding philosophy of nurturing global humanitarian individuals, this person has made a positive impact through sensitivity and communication, has gone beyond K-pop, and has conveyed the symbiotic value, the value that the global world needs. with the hope that this individual will make a greater contribution to the world and human society.

Now, Jimin and V are undergoing postgraduate education at Hanyang Cyber ​​University. Both of them have registered in the Advertising and Media fields since September 2020.

Global Cyber ​​University Profile

Global Cyber ​​University is a cyber university located in Gyocheonjisan-gil, Mokcheon-eup, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea.

Citing the official website of Global Cyber ​​University, this campus has been accredited as a four-year course university from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in 2009.

Global Cyber ​​University has three departments and six departments. The three departments are the Human Services Department, Global Management Department, and Cultural Content Department.

In 2010, the campus called BTS University became the third university with the highest number of new student admissions among cyber universities in South Korea.


University Academic Schedule

The school year at Global Cyber ​​University starts on March 1. The school year is also divided into two semesters. The following is the schedule for the Global Cyber ​​University school year:

  • First Semester: March 1-August 31
  • Second Semester: September 1 – late February of the following year.


Department of Global Cyber ​​University

There are 13 majors opened at Global Cyber ​​University, namely:

  1. Social Welfare
  2. Counseling Psychology
  3. Brain Education Convergence
  4. Sports & Health
  5. Brain-based Emotion Coaching
  6. Practical English
  7. Convergence Contents
  8. Entertainment & Media
  9. Convergence Management
  10. Oriental Studies
  11. Al Convergence
  12. Dementia Care
  13. Global K-Culture

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