The Golden Mountains of the Congo, including 90% Golden Land

The Golden Mountains of the Congo, including 90% Golden Land

Golden Mountains of the Congo – A gold mountain was reported to be found in South Kivu Province, Congo. Thousands of residents from various regions of the Congo have flocked to the location to mine gold.


Newly found Gold Mountain

Launching Reuters, South Kivu Mines Minister Venant Burume said the discovery of gold-rich ore occurred at the end of February 2021. Shortly after the discovery, thousands of people, including the Congolese armed forces (FARDC) visited the site.


Location in a small village

The location of the mountain where the gold was found is in the village of Luhihi, South Kivu Province, Congo. Launching Unilad, Luhihi is about 50 km from the provincial capital, Bukavu.


Claimed to Contain 90% Gold

In a video that goes viral on social media, many Congolese dig the ground and collects it into a container. The video shows that they earned a lot of gold when they separated the land from water. A newspaper report suggested that the soil on the mountain was estimated to be ’60 to 90 percent ‘gold. However, there is no further information regarding the amount and quality of gold found on the mountain.

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Mining stopped

Congolese authorities have temporarily suspended mining activities in the region. The warrant ordered miners, traders, and members of the Congolese armed forces (FARDC) to leave mining sites in and around Luhihi. The mining halt allows the authorities to identify miners and ensure they are properly registered with the artisanal mining administration.


Potential to cause conflict

Gold is one of the resources known as ‘conflict material’ in Congo. In one study, armed groups were involved in mining and forced others to mine, as well as collecting taxes from the miners. Armed groups also smuggle and trade gold from illegal mining. The proceeds from the sale of the gold were then used to buy weapons or pay the warriors’ salaries.

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