Officially Retired, the Honda Jazz Will Become an Antique Car

Officially Retired, the Honda Jazz Will Become an Antique Car

After circulating since 2004, the Honda Jazz was finally officially discontinued by PT Honda Prospect Motor. The reason is that in the same segment, Honda already has the City Hatchback, which officially launched this March.


Even though it is no longer sold by brand holder agents, Jazz will still be sought after by its fans, especially in the used car market. The owner of the Malique Selatan Djakarta showroom in Blok M Mall, South Jakarta, said that the second-hand Jazz would be targeted a lot and had a sustainable price.


Jazz will be an antique car in the future. This is not without reason, because Jazz is indeed a hatchback that consumers are looking for. In the new car market, for example, Jazz is often the best-selling hatchback, beating its competitors, the Toyota Yaris.

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So do not be surprised if this also happens in the used car market. Moreover, the second-hand Jazz had previously been one of the units that had survived its selling price.


With the news that the Jazz has stopped being produced, it will certainly make this car more targeted and rarer in the future. The problem is that this car used to be quite popular, now it is more and more sought after. But of course back to his condition.


Meanwhile, the owner of the D23 Autocare showroom in Bandung, West Java, said that before the Jazz discontinuation news developed, many consumers had already asked about this car.


Even in the market, it is a bit difficult to find Jazz that is still in fresh condition. This is because Jazz consumers are mostly young people who like to modify their cars. Now it’s a bit difficult to find Jazz in fresh condition, especially the first or second-generation Jazz.

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