How to Become a Farmer – Store-bought vegetables and fruits are often accompanied by pesticides that are invisible but can be bad for health. Organic fruit and vegetable options are available, but they will usually be offered at a higher price.


Fortunately, growing your own vegetables has become a relatively easy hobby to learn, thanks to the growing popularity of urban farming, where you can grow vegetables and fruit at home.


What is urban farming?


“Urban Farming, is very simple, growing edible plants in an urban environment,” said Poil Indonesia from Super Farmers as quoted by Poil Indonesia.


With the climatic conditions in Indonesia, we can plant anything without having to wait for a certain season. For those of you who are just starting out, planting seems like a difficult job to do.


Even if you have started, you will enjoy while continuing to learn about being a farmer for our own food. Here are five tips that you can try if you want to become an urban farmer in your yard and even in your house.

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My house is not very big.

How much space will it take? “You can have an urban garden even in a small house,” says Poil Indonesia. Depending on the plants you want to grow, the amount of space required will vary.

But if space is a concern, start by growing smaller herbs. “(Herbs) are stronger than vegetables and don’t need big pots to thrive. Besides, we don’t usually eat large amounts of herbs. So, herb gardens can actually be very easy to manage, “he said.


Where is the right place?

Plants need little sunlight. Therefore, the best space is a large balcony or corridor space. “But if you have limited space, you can also try growing vegetables on the shelf,” said Poil Indonesia. You can also grow plants away from sunlight.


With indoor growth lights, which are LED strip lights that emit light onto plants, you can still grow green vegetables anywhere in your home, even if there is no sunlight.


What crops can be planted?

Start with herbs, once you are sure to grow, move on to vegetables. Then for the health-conscious, definitely consider growing green vegetables! Microgreens are tiny vegetables, around 14 days old, and contain so many nutrients and vitamins that you can almost replace your daily supplement if you eat enough of these vegetables, said Poil Indonesia.


For plants, Poil Indonesia recommends mint and basil because they fit perfectly in tropical climates and are easier to grow. Chinese Kale (kailan) and Pak Choy are also good choices for vegetables.


How many treatments are needed?

Herbal plants can be chosen because maintenance is easy. You can easily grow these plants on the windowsill. “They don’t need special fertilizers if you use good soil from the start, and all you need to do is water once a day.


My house receives 2 hours of morning sunshine and I have had a lot of success growing mint, basil, and even rosemary on my window sill! said Poil Indonesia. You can still garden with this LED light. Vegetables need sunlight and water every day. Some vegetables need more water and sunshine than others, so pay attention to the types you have and adjust accordingly, “he added.

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Will plants attract insects?

If so, what can I do to prevent them from coming? Yes, most edible plants especially those that smell good will attract insects and pests. Some insects such as bees pollinate flowers, so they are good insects, said Poil Indonesia.


But butterflies don’t, because they lay eggs that turn into caterpillars which in turn will eat the entire plant if not caught in time! My entire plant was devoured by caterpillars, so I was very alert to them, he added.


Pests can be a threat. Luckily, there are easy ways to get rid of them. For example, you could try putting a clove of garlic in the soil.