Starting an eCommerce business to sell coffee online is an attractive business model. You’ll have a variety of suppliers to choose from, flavors to experiment with, and profits to earn. Coffee is one of the best wholesale items for sale, so maybe it’s worth learning How to Sell Coffee Beans Wholesale and obtaining a wholesale dealer license.


How to Sell Coffee Beans Wholesale

How to Sell Coffee Beans Wholesale? Profitability also depends on your final price, so it’s important to understand the difference between wholesale vs. retail prices.


Because coffee has become a big market, you have to be strategic and smart in attracting customers. Here’s what you need to know to start your online coffee business.


Who will be your online coffee customers?

Will your customers buy your coffee from you especially online? Will your customers become coffee shops, cafes, and other small local wholesale market businesses? Or a combination of both?


Luckily, you can start small

You can start with your friends, family, coworkers, and social media followers.


Once you feel good enough, How to Sell Coffee Beans Wholesale? You can offer roasted coffee beans to your local coffee shop or even your local convenience store. From there, you can grow as big as you want.


You will most likely have two main types of customers

  1. Individual customers and,
  2. Local coffee shops and restaurants.


Each of these groups has different needs for their coffee, so it’s important to develop a winning strategy to approach them and give them what they want.


How to Sell Coffee Beans Wholesale? Coffee shops and cafes will want larger orders of whole bean coffee. Coffee shops prefer whole bean coffee because it stays fresher for longer.


Once you grind the coffee, the shelf life of the coffee begins to diminish rapidly. Coffee shops can order 50 lbs. for 250 lbs. coffee per week, so you have to be prepared for the kind of volume you need to ship.


On the other hand, individual coffee customers will buy smaller bags starting at one 12 oz. bag for 3 lbs. coffee bag at once.

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Build Your Brand Online and Offline

How to Sell Coffee Beans Wholesale? Building your brand’s social media presence is another great digital marketing strategy to drive traffic to your site and increase sales.


Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram also allow you to connect with your customers and build a stronger network. Having a large social media following also benefits your brand by making it appear more reputable and trustworthy.


Facebook is a great way to reach a large audience, as it currently has 2.23 billion monthly active users worldwide, and in the U.S.


By creating a Facebook page or group for your online coffee business, you can build deeper relationships with your customers and have a conversation with them directly in the comments on your posts.


Because of its visual focus, Instagram is an excellent site to showcase your products, as well as reach a younger demographic. According to the Pew Research Center, 71% of people in the US between the ages of 18 and 24 are Instagram users.


This demographic also loves coffee and has driven the growth in consumption of gourmet coffee in recent years. Instagram allows your company to connect with people through popular and branded hashtags and is a great way to showcase your company’s personality.


Determine the product you will sell

How to Sell Coffee Beans Wholesale? We’ve touched on that a bit in the section above, but you have to decide how the product you’re about to sell will set you apart from other online coffee sellers.


For example, will you focus solely on selling coffee online, or will you add other products such as baked goods, coffee-related gifts, foods containing coffee, and branded merchandise, such as mugs? Again, it’s good to start small, but adding new products as you scale intrigues customers.


Another thing you can ultimately consider is whether to sell coffee machines online. How to Sell Coffee Beans Wholesale? This can be profitable and you may be able to market a particular machine that has been shown to improve the coffee you sell.


If you don’t want to keep an inventory of coffee machines or other products, you can always choose to skip this part of your business and still roast your own coffee. Make sure to keep your niche focused as you grow.


Grow Your Online Coffee Brand

How to Sell Coffee Beans Wholesale? You can offer the most delicious coffee, but you’ll be hard-pressed to sell it if you have an underdeveloped coffee brand and marketing strategy.


Your coffee brand plays an important role in your online sales. The trust your coffee brand creates with your customers will be the only way they can determine whether to buy your coffee or not.


As part of your coffee brand, your name and slogan will help customers remember you or quickly forget your business. And you don’t want them to forget you!


While you want to choose a coffee business name that is easy to remember, you also want it to be clear and concise. In addition, it should be easy to spell, pronounce, and find online.


Choose a coffee business name and create a logo that is easy for others to remember, trust and embody for your coffee business goals.


If you need help creating your logo, consider getting a freelance graphic designer at 99Designs or Once created, use your logo on websites, social media accounts, and the coffee bags you sell.


Once you get your logo, make your logo ink stamp to use on your coffee bag. The appearance of your coffee bag and packaging will greatly assist customers in deciding whether to buy from you.

4 Effective Ways How to Sell Coffee Beans Wholesale & Online
How to Sell Coffee Beans Wholesale?

How to Sell Coffee Beans Wholesale?

Meet Local Shoppers: Promote Your Products and Get Placements In Stores


Connecting with retail buyers is a matter of persistence. There are marketplaces and agencies that can help you stand out in front of people, but when you’re starting out, nothing is as powerful as a face-to-face promotion.

  1. Start with local stores and regional distributors. Trying to launch Whole Foods outright is a recipe for disappointment. Shoppers from local stores generally want to work with local businesses, are more accessible, and have less red tape to deal with.


  1. Start cold calls and knock on doors. Call the store and ask to speak to the buyer. Send cold emails directly to buyers when you can find their contact details. Provide coffee samples for the team to enjoy and be sure to leave a 1-2 page sales sheet telling buyers why your coffee was so special when they tasted yours. Remember, persistence is the key!



  1. Be prepared to tell your story. The store already sells coffee, and shoppers hear deals every day, so be prepared to show what your coffee means to shop customers. Does it cater to a specific niche? Is there something unique about your process or values? Rehearse your story and break down your key messages into short, concise arguments.


  1. Presenting a marketing plan. The grocery store needs to know your coffee will sell well without them having to market your product to you. Presenting a plan of how you will inspire customers to buy your coffee from the store is sure to get some impressive looks.


How to Sell Coffee Beans Wholesale?

Selling coffee from your home can be both fun and challenging, whether it’s your career, hobby, or extra income. If you want to start selling coffee from home, but don’t know where to start, follow these instructions for starting an online coffee business.


1. Start Selling Coffee Online

There are several ways to start selling coffee online. You can buy coffee beans wholesale, private label beans, become an affiliate marketer, or join an MLM coffee company.


One of the better strategies is to create your own online store. Affiliate marketing is a good option if you don’t want to deal with packing & shipping or customer service. I would not recommend joining a multilevel marketing company to sell coffee. You often spend more than you ever earn.


Opening your own shop is easy with the right software. In that case, I recommend giving Shopify a try. You can have your own shop in minutes. Then it is a matter of tailoring your shop to the products you want to carry.


2. Coffee Shops Using Shopify

There are several successful coffee companies that use Shopify for their business. Some of them are:


3. Decide What Coffee Products You Will Sell

How to Sell Coffee Beans Wholesale? Once you know who you are going to sell to, you can determine what type of coffee product will best suit their needs.


You may want to experiment with different product offerings such as coffee boxes, coffee gift sets, or a subscription order type for those who want the same coffee mix delivered every 1st of the month.


While you want to define what your competitors are doing, you also want to offer something different or new. Perhaps, you want to offer a special gift service or

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4. Start Creating Online Content

How to Sell Coffee Beans Wholesale? Creating great content for your website is essential to selling your coffee. Here are some of the types of content you need to create for your online coffee business.


  1. High-quality photos. People want to see what they’re buying before they make a purchase, so fill your site with high-quality photocopies of you. Include multiple views of your coffee packaging and beans, as well as photos of people brewing or enjoying your coffee. Choose images that engage the senses and are aesthetically appealing. When customers can visualize a product in action, they are more likely to make a purchase.


  1. Detailed product descriptions. Be sure to include detailed product descriptions explaining the flavor notes of each coffee product. An attractive copy will engage potential buyers, as well as help them choose the right coffee for their taste.


  1. Other written content. Use sales copy, blog posts, and other written content to develop your brand voice and share your company story. Interesting and engaging written content will help customers feel connected to you and your coffee brand, which will lead to more sales. People love to support brands they can trust and connect with, so fill your site with real, genuine content that your customers will enjoy.


So Why Do Most Coffee Shops Fail?

The answer to this question will likely vary and will vary from cafe owner to cafe owner, but a consistent archetype will fail to plan.


The same applies to selling coffee through online channels. Most online coffee websites fail because they do not take into account the exact cost and effort required to operate.

To avoid such mistakes, the end-to-end steps you need to take to sell online need to be outlined and considered.


This will cover everything from sourcing coffee, roasting coffee, shipping and storing coffee, and building and promoting a website.


Other sticky details include ensuring payment processing is facilitated, clear ways to handle returns and customer service are understood, and packaging the coffee.


Fortunately, in the next section, we’ll outline the steps you need to take to start planning accordingly.


Starting an Online Coffee Business

How to Sell Coffee Beans Wholesale? In this section, we will outline the steps you need to take to start a business selling coffee online along with the different approaches you can take to build your business.


Coffee Shop Supply Specialist

We pride ourselves on offering wholesale coffee shop supplies and the knowledge you need to get the most out of your machine and setup.


Our representatives have their own experience in the coffee shop scene to offer. We can walk you through everything from the best brewing methods to menu planning, store layout, and more.


We don’t just offer wholesale coffee shop supplies, we give you all the tools you need to create your ideal customer experience.


If you want more confidence in using and maintaining your brewing equipment or gain insight into designing your best customer experience, we’ve got you covered.


Be Patient When Price Is a Problem

How to Sell Coffee Beans Wholesale? If that new restaurant decides on another coffee roaster with a similar price, quality, and service to yours, well, it’s happened to all of us. For every aspect of closing a sale that is under our control, there are a dozen things that are not under our control.


Move. But if you lose your account to a toaster for a much lower price than yours, chances are coffee is on our list of things we can fix later, such as the wrong paint color in the restroom.


Don’t be pushy, of course, but drop the coffee when there’s a reason, such as a holiday or opening anniversary, keep in touch with the aforementioned bartender, and dine at the occasional restaurant.


How to Sell Coffee Beans Wholesale? Everyone involved in opening a new restaurant is in a free fall filled with anxiety for months, waiting to see if they are among the 40% that fly or the 60% that splash. There will be frantic changes to the menu and an overhaul in the kitchen, but eventually, if/when things stabilize, the fine-tune will begin.


Bathrooms would be repainted, the wait staff would stop wearing ties and start wearing jeans, and one day someone would say, Hey, you think our coffee isn’t as good as our desserts?


Selling Your Coffee Online Will Take The Following Roles

  1. Website designer
  2. Inventory manager
  3. Customer service representatives


Private Label Coffee Toaster

How to Sell Coffee Beans Wholesale? A private label coffee roaster will provide the product you will focus on selling. Even though in many ways you are their customer, it may be best to think of them as a partner.


The better the relationship you develop and the better you collaborate in the end, the more you will find improvement in your products and retail operations.


Most private label suppliers will do more than just provide coffee beans. To secure private label clients, many of them will offer services including specialty roasting, packaging, and access to experts who can help you make decisions in developing coffee that reflects the product and brand you want to build. Many grills will also offer a choice of blends that they have pre-selected.


Since these companies are also responsible for importing the coffee beans from where they originate, they will also bear the brunt of the various certifications one can obtain.


Depending on your brand and priorities, certifications like “Organic”, “Fair Trade” and “Bird Friendly” are likely what you’ll want to ask.

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What You Need To Know About Roasting Coffee

Coffee may not be exactly what you think it is. In fact, coffee beans are not even beans technically.


Coffee, a drink that is well known and loved by many, is made by roasting the seeds found in the fruit of several types of “Coffee” plants and trees. The two most commonly used plants are Coffea arabica and Coffea canephora.


Coffee trees grow best in moderate temperatures and need frequent rains to thrive. The average coffee tree can produce about 0.9 kg of coffee beans per year.


The fruit from these trees is almost always hand-picked and the seeds extracted. So we came to call those seeds “coffee beans,” and they provided the first ingredients needed to make coffee.


Dropshipping Coffee Beans with Shopify

How to Sell Coffee Beans Wholesale? As an online coffee brand, you will have two main types of customers: individual shoppers and local coffee shops or other businesses.


Each group has very different needs in coffee providers, so it’s important to know your target audience before deciding what type of coffee your brand will sell.


While cafes may prefer to buy a large bag of whole beans so they can grind them fresh each day, busy restaurants may prefer pre-prepared ground coffee for a fast and consistent brew. Individual shoppers will likely shop for capsules or bags containing whole or ground coffee beans that they can use at home.


Different customers will also have different concerns when it comes to the taste and quality of their coffee. Some people prefer a rich, dark roast, while others enjoy a lightly caffeinated roast.


Some coffee lovers prioritize specialty coffee or third-wave coffee and want to know the origin and source of their coffee beans.


Other customers may be looking for organic or fair-trade coffee. Choosing a niche market for your coffee brand is often the best method for narrowing your customer base. Instead of trying to make coffee that appeals to everyone, you can focus your efforts on one group of coffee drinkers.


This strategy will allow you to specialize your coffee flavor profile, marketing efforts, and company branding to your customer base.


How to Become a Coffee Distributor?

How to Sell Coffee Beans Wholesale? For coffee lovers, becoming a coffee distributor can be the ideal marriage of business and pleasure. No matter your target demographic, it is important to be knowledgeable in the production and types of coffee from different regions of the world.


Your knowledge of coffee, in addition to your ability to procure different varieties, will make you a useful resource for restaurants, shops, and regional foodies.


Taste different types of coffee. Have a tasting in your shop or with your friends and family and find out which coffee you like best. You will be better able to sell the coffee you like to drink.


The final word

Contact the maker of the coffee brand you want to distribute. How to Sell Coffee Beans Wholesale? Find out if they have a specific distribution program or if you can buy their coffee wholesale and sell it yourself.


Make sure you understand what a minimum order is and the fees and other charges you are responsible for.


Take orders from your clients and order with the coffee wholesalers you work with. Keep in touch with your clients.


Don’t bother and annoy them all the time with new orders, but make it a habit to stop by every week or so for coffee and let them know about discounts or new products coming out.