Huawei P50 Series OS Harmony Ready to Launch this Year?

Huawei P50 Series OS Harmony Ready to Launch this Year

Huawei P50 Series – Huawei is preparing to launch its next flagship smartphone, the P50 Series, which reportedly will be the first new device for the brand with the red fan logo to carry OS Harmony.

The existence of the Huawei P50 Pro has now been leaked, and it looks very charming with the handset body that looks quite conventional, with a large camera display on the back.

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The large camera that stands out is in the form of a glass lens, but it cannot be explained how sharp its capabilities are from the aiming power sector. But with the display presented, it can also be hinted that Huawei will hit the market with the latest innovations.

Based on the speculation on the side of the camera will accommodate one or more cameras and sensors in it. The P50 Pro is rumored to have a Sony IMX800 1 sensor with a 50MP resolution.


Then from the leaks circulating, you can see a metal frame, which is quite standard in terms of design. The top and bottom ends of the phone look normal in general, and there’s no headphone jack, but there’s an IR-blaster on the top.

According to the report, the display on the front is a 6.6-inch panel with slightly curved edges and a very thin bezel. Then there is a hole in the middle for the selfie camera.


The placement of the selfie camera in the middle is certainly out of the ordinary because Huawei always packs this part in a punch hole style that is placed on the left side. Other speculations also mention that this device has an integrated fingerprint scanner and dual stereo speakers.

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For the specifications itself there is no clarity, but what can be ascertained is that Huawei always immerses all the advantages in each of the latest products, especially for its premium devices.

But what also needs to be confirmed is what Huawei’s performance is like with the Harmony OS, which it is hoped that its presence will again steal the attention of many gadget lovers, which are based on information ready to be launched in April 2021.

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