Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer has long been one of the world’s largest in terms of furniture manufacturing and furniture exporting, while the top 10 Indonesian furniture manufacturers are well-acknowledged for their great performances in both furniture sales domestically and in furniture exports to the global market.


As one of the world’s fastest-growing furniture manufacturers and most popular furniture exporters, Indonesia’s furniture market is highly segmented and competitive. Therefore, as the overall furniture industry in Indonesia continues to grow — mainly driven by the rise of export values — the leading Indonesian furniture manufacturers are expected to face stronger pressure from other emerging domestic industrial rivals and major furniture exporters in neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines.


Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer


Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer industry is an export-oriented sector that contributes significantly to the country’s manufacturing sector every year. Its teak furniture and rattan furniture products are in high demand in both local and international markets, making Indonesia the 4th largest furniture exporter in The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region.


According to the Association of Indonesian Furniture and Handicraft Industries (HIMKI), Indonesia’s furniture industry continued its positive growth again in 2017. The value of Indonesian furniture exports in 2017 reached $1,627 billion USD, a slight increase of 1% from the 2016 figure of $1,607 billion USD.


Currently, the Indonesian furniture industry consists of nearly 140,000 businesses and employs over 437,000 workers with an investment value of 5.8 trillion IDR. Indonesia’s Furniture industry has been designated as a priority sector for the country due to being a labor-intensive industry.


In addition, the sector has the scope for significant added value and a multiplier effect on the economy as it is able to generate 500,000 new jobs for each $1 billion USD of investment. This is a comprehensive breakdown of the top Indonesian furniture manufacturers.

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Top 9 Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer

Republic Furniture Jepara is one of the largest Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer and furniture exporters in Indonesia, specializing in high-quality teak gardens and leisure furniture. It is also one of the largest furniture suppliers in Indonesia for distinguished homes, luxury hotels, holiday resorts, restaurants, etc.


As a Teak Garden Furniture producer from Indonesia, All Republic Furniture Jepara’s teak wood furniture products are made from plantations managed by PT. PERHUTANI, a government’s teak plantation in Indonesia. This ensures that their “teak and oak furniture” products are environmentally friendly.


1. Wisanka Indonesia

Wisanka Indonesia is one of the top 10 Indonesian furniture manufacturers. The company started as an Indonesian furniture exporter in 1993 and has been growing rapidly since then. It is a certified furniture manufacturer and exporter with the legal entity of PT in Indonesia.


Wisanka Indonesia consists of five divisions covering seven product ranges including wooden furniture, indoor teak, rattan, and natural fibers, classic furniture, outdoor furniture, synthetic rattan, and lighting & craft. Furniture products made by Wisanka are well exported to major countries including Japan, Korea, India, UAE, Spain, Germany, France, USA, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Egypt, and many more.


2. Vivere

Vivere Group was started with the establishment of PT Gema Graha Sarana in 1984. For the last three decades, the company has grown to more than 1,000 employees and is a recognized brand within interior contracting, mechanical-electrical services, furniture manufacturing and components, office furniture, home furnishings, and fixtures. As a testament to the company’s success in the Indonesian market, VIVERE Group became publicly listed in 2002 and is also ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified.


3. Raisa House of Excellence

Raisa House Of Excellence is a leading Indonesian wooden furniture manufacturer and furniture exporter located in Jepara, Indonesia. Their main furniture products include indoor wooden furniture, French antique furniture, English American antique furniture, and Mahogany furniture. Their furniture is made from high-quality mahogany wood, sometimes combined with rattan wickers depending on the design.


4. Lio Collection

Lio Collection is a leading furniture company based in Bali, Indonesia, founded by Danish businessman Christos Vassilios Liokouras. Lio Collection is now a well-known and respected brand for indoor and outdoor furniture as well as interior products.


Lio Collection also specializes in exporting a mixed assortment of furniture and interior products from Indonesia to restaurants, hotels, retailers, and wholesale customers in more than 40 countries. Its best-selling furniture products include rattan and bamboo furniture, indoor and outdoor furniture, modern furniture as well as interiors such as mirrors, candlesticks, creative paintings, and exquisite handicrafts.


5. Chitose Internasional

Chitose Internasional is an Indonesia-based furniture manufacturer and exporter focused on the production of steel furniture. Since founded in 1981, Chitose has been developing products based on the research of ergonomic furniture.


Starting from a folding chair, which has become an icon of the Indonesian furniture industry, the company continues to grow and now produces more than 200 variants of furniture and hospital beds. It also produces special furniture as per the specifications of the customer. Chitose Internasional’s annual furniture production volume is over 1.2 million units, exporting to over 34 countries around the world.


6. Gema Graha Sarana

Gema Graha Sarana Tbk is one of Indonesia’s leading interior contractors and furniture manufacturers. It has three main business lines: Interior contracting services and mechanical electrical installation and maintenance services; Office and furniture manufacturing; and Trading and distribution of office and residential furniture.


Gema Graha Sarana is also the main furniture supplier for many international clients including Bank Mandiri, Telkomsel, Atmajaya University, Australian Embassy, IKEA, the Wallstreet Institute, etc.


7. Integra Indocabinet

Integra Indocabinet is one of Indonesia’s Furniture Manufacturers biggest vertically integrated wooden furniture manufacturers. The company, with its headquarters in Sidoarjo (East Java), primarily produces indoor and outdoor furniture for homes, offices, and hotels as well as wooden doors, wooden window frames, and other wooden and rattan-based products.


Besides furniture and other wood products, Integra Indocabinet also generates revenue from the sale of industrial wood. Integra Indocabinet is a leader among the best Indonesian furniture manufacturers.


8. Kalingga Jati

Kalingga jati is one of the leading teak Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer and teak furniture exporters in Indonesia. Located in Jepara Indonesia, Kalingga Jati has more than 30 years of operation in the furniture manufacturing business.

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Kalingga Jati only uses the best teak wood that comes from Indonesia government plantation to manufacture high-quality wooden furniture.  Its outdoor teak wood furniture products, such as a teak table, teak chair, and teak garden furniture are well sold domestically and internationally.


9. Wahana Kayu

Wahana Kayu is a leading Indonesian furniture manufacturer and furniture exporter based in Jepara, Indonesia. Wahana Kayu specializes in using the best selection of materials from teak wood, mahogany, and many other local kinds of wood as well as combining with other materials such as metal, rattan, stainless, etc to produce high quality contemporary and modern furniture products


Future of the Top 9 Indonesian Furniture Manufacturers

To further boost Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer, the Indonesian government has set a target to increase the country’s furniture export value to $5 billion USD by 2019, although the target is exceptionally high given the fact that the industry’s export value has failed to exceed the $2 billion USD mark since 2006.


But Indonesian government remains optimistic that the prospects for the furniture industry in Indonesia are still bright, and the association has projected the industry to grow 12% – 16% in 2018 with a proposed export value of $2 billion USD.


With such strong government support and a positive market landscape, these top 10 Indonesian furniture manufacturers are expected to increase their export values in the near future. However, their market dominance is also projected to be challenged by other fast-growing furniture suppliers in the country.