List of the Largest Indonesian Asphalt Processing Companies

Asphalt Producers in Indonesia and Asphalt Management Companies

Changes in the times in Indonesia have taken place since Indonesia’s independence. Economic development, as well as physical and non-physical development, are continuously carried out in order to achieve common prosperity. Public facilities are continuously being improved so that it is easier for Indonesian people to carry out their various activities.

The road construction in Indonesia

Not only in urban areas, but the construction of public facilities and infrastructure is also encouraged to underdeveloped areas so that people in disadvantaged areas can also feel the facilities or facilities from the government. One form of development is road construction.

The road is a very important requirement for anyone to do their various activities. Roads are the main access to connect one area to another. A region without roads is like a dead area without life because it is difficult to communicate. One of the road construction in Indonesia is road paving.

Every year there are always areas where roads are built. So, if roads are built throughout Indonesia, how much is the need for asphalt in Indonesia? Fortunately, our country has areas that produce a lot of asphalt, so that domestic asphalt needs can be fulfilled from domestic production first. Then, where is the asphalt producing areas? We will discuss more in this article.

Asphalt Producing Areas in Indonesia

Asphalt is a mining item because it is obtained from processing the contents of the planet Earth, both from the Earth’s crust and the Earth’s core. Asphalt is the material used to make roads. Why asphalt? Of course, because the nature of the asphalt is strong and easy to be installed paving the road. Asphalt also has the properties of old soil although sometimes it must be coated with a new one every few months.

Because those crossing the roads are large and heavy vehicles, this is what causes the asphalt to often break down. Well, in Indonesia there are several areas that produce the most asphalt. Where are these areas? These areas include:

List of the Largest Indonesian Asphalt Processing Companies

Buton Island, Southeast Sulawesi

Southeast Sulawesi is one of the places that produce the most asphalt. Even Southeast Sulawesi is the area that produces the most asphalt in Indonesia. The Southeast Sulawesi region that can produce the highest quality asphalt is on Buton Island.

The wealth of asphalt produced by Buton Island has even taxed up to 2,300 Trillion Rupiah. However, there is an alarming story from the biggest asphalt producer in Indonesia. That is the state of the roads in this area. Even though it is known as the largest producer of asphalt, this island actually has damaged roads. Many roads in the Buton Island area are damaged.

Wonokromo, East Java

In second place as the largest asphalt producer in the world is East Java Province. East Java Province is the province that produces the largest asphalt on Java Island. Asphalt produced from East Java province is quality asphalt, although the amount is not as much as that from Buton Island. The area of ​​East Java that produces asphalt is in the Wonokromo area, to be precise in Permigan.

Those are the two places that are the biggest asphalt producer and asphalt supplier in Indonesia. The areas that produce asphalt and supply asphalt in Indonesia are known only in these two places, namely Southeast Sulawesi and East Java. Asphalt produced by these two countries is used to meet domestic asphalt needs.

Asphalt Companies in Indonesia

Although there are not many asphalt producing areas in Indonesia, there are many companies that manage asphalt and then distribute it to places throughout Indonesia. The number of companies that handle asphalt is quite a lot and does not have to be located in places that produce asphalt. Several asphalt producing companies in Indonesia include the following:

1. Putindo Bintech

  • Commodity: Asphalt
  • Operational Office: Desa Lawele Kec. Lasalimu, Kabungka Village, Kec. Pasarwajo, Buton
  • Head Office: Jl Makaliwe Raya Office Park No.16a-B Grogol, West Jakarta

2. The Works Of Megah Buton

  • Commodity: Asphalt
  • Operational Office: Lagunturu Village / Nambo Village, Lasalimu, Buton

3. Sarana Karya (Persero)

  • Commodity: Asphalt
  • Operational Office: Banabungi Village Buton Island Postal Code, 93754 Tel. 0402-2821270
  • Head Office: Banabungi Village

4. Metrix Elcipta

  • Commodity: Asphalt
  • Operational Office: Wakaokili Village, Lapodi Village Kec. Pasarwajo, Village of Food and Clothing, Kec. Sampolawa

5. Mine Sultra Raya

  • Commodity: Asphalt
  • Operational Office: Jl Poros Lasalimu – Baubau Ring Room, Kel Kamru
  • Head Office: Jl. Timah No.5 Makassar Sulsel

So, those are some of the companies that handle paving in Indonesia.

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