Indonesian Handicrafts Are Seen By Countries in the World

Indonesian Handicrafts Are Seen By Countries in the World 1

Indonesia is a large country that has a lot of natural resources as well as human resources. Where each person in Indonesia has a different profession in supporting their family’s economy.

Original Indonesian handicrafts

One of them is by making crafts. If you are Indonesian, you are definitely proud of some of these original Indonesian handicrafts. How not, these handicrafts have been widely known in foreign countries.

However, some of these handicrafts need to be preserved in order not to become extinct in our time. This can be done in many ways, starting with using these crafts, learning how to make them, or even just by knowing and sharing information about these crafts.


Weaving can also be called an art of producing beautiful patterns through the process of crossing materials from plants, be it from sticks, rattan, pandanus, or others. These materials are very easy to dry and also soft so they are easy to weave and form certain patterns to form objects that can be used every day.

Woven fabric

Indonesian woven fabrics have been famous in the world, with their unique and stronger motifs than ordinary fabrics, this fabric has a special appeal for many people. Weaving itself is a process of making cloth in the traditional way, the work also requires patience and persistence because the time needed to make woven fabrics is quite long. The most famous woven fabrics from Indonesia come from Bali, Minang, Lombok, and Toraja.

Decorative Shell Crafts

Most people on the seashore, especially fishermen, often get shells. However, the consumption of these marine animals is usually only for getting the meat, while the outside, aka the shells themselves, is usually thrown away by fishermen and becomes waste/beach waste which sometimes goes up in the mountains.

Indonesian Handicrafts Are Seen By Countries in the World


Who does not know this craft, this typical Indonesian craft is very global. Even UNESCO has awarded the title Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Wood carving

With a large number of natural resources, Indonesia provides many uses for the life of the Indonesian people. One of the creative handicraft products of Indonesian nature that American and European consumers enjoy doing is original Indonesian wood carving. One of them is wood carvings that have a high level of complexity and detail.


Sculpture crafts are 3D objects created by humans that are specifically recognized as works of art. A person who makes sculpture is called a sculptor. The goal of sculpting is to produce a work of art that can last as long as possible.


As a result of Indonesian hand art, masks are used to complement decoration or dance performances. This object is made of wood, usually made in Cirebon, Bali, Bandung, Yogyakarta, or Surakarta. Each mask has different motifs and peculiarities.


The processed ceramics gave birth to a variety of products. Of course, ceramics don’t come from Indonesia. However, ceramic craftsmen in Indonesia have turned ceramics into unique creations that have successfully entered the world trade market. For example, this decorative barrel. Made of ceramic with charming decoration, sold in the form of 1 barrel along with its contents, which are plant replicas.


Even though it is considered to be included in the ceramic cave, pottery is more suitable to be interpreted as equipment made from clay, which we can see in the form of a pot, a water container, a pot, and the like. You can use products from pottery handicrafts for cooking equipment.

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