Welcome to Indonesian Rattan Furniture, we are the leading exporter and manufacturer of rattan furniture and natural fibers: water hyacinth, seagrass, Kubu gray, banana leaf, abaca, and crocodile in Indonesia with more than 18 years of experience since our establishment in 1993. We have a wealth of experience to complete hotel projects, house projects for wholesalers as well as retailers.


Indonesian Rattan Furniture


Each Indonesian Rattan Furniture uses local materials, local culture combined with local handicrafts will give a unique touch to rattan furniture. We manufacture all items from rattan, water hyacinth, seagrass, gray Kubu, banana leaf, abaca, and Croco one by one with care from frame making, knitting weaving, pillow making, and glass cutting. Handcrafting can make a slightly different item but that’s what makes it unique – just one and made especially for you.


1. Wirasindo Santakarya (Wisanka)

Natural fiber and rattan furniture can bring the naturalness of nature and our craftsmanship from our people to your home and your family, entertaining your life with natural furniture. In addition, we use a non-toxic and eco-friendly water-based finishing system that keeps your family safe…Find your most beautiful rattan items to fulfill your wishes here.


Not only furniture for adults, but we also have hundreds of collections of children’s furniture. We know your child’s needs better, are ergonomic, comfortable, stunning, lightweight, and environmentally friendly. Made from natural rattan material combined with beautiful colors and coatings that are safe for children and babies.

Furniture Manufacturers in Jepara Indonesia Modern in Design

Rattan Furniture Wholesale

Our collections are armchairs, dining chairs, tables, sofas, and also many other items which are made only from quality materials and craftsmen. The materials we use are only quality rattan, water hyacinth, seaweed, Kubu gray, banana leaves, abaca, and Croco. Our best-selling weaving is water hyacinth, seaweed, wicker, and rattan furniture which have been exported in large quantities all over the world from Asia to America. We can make special requests for rattan or natural fiber furniture.

Below is brief information about us:

Company:PT. wirasindo Santakarya Rattan Division under Wisanka Group
Address:Gesingan , Luwang , Gatak 57557, Sukoharjo , Solo
, Central Java, Indonesia
Phone or Fax:+62 271 789 1605
Mobile ( Whatsapp available):+62 811-2647-988 ( Mr. Kris)
Capacity:16 containers/month
Contact person:Mr. Kris
Market:Japan, USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East


Currently, we export around 16 x 40′ HC containers of rattan and water hyacinth furniture all over the world. We cover our rattan furniture production capacity in-house and only some work under sub-contractors under our quality control supervision. Due to our long experience and keeping good quality, we are able to export our rattan furniture in large volume up to now.


We are ready to help you anytime to complete your home, hotel, or villa projects, shop wholesalers and retailers, or even more for personal use with our rattan and natural fiber furniture. For more information about our rattan and natural fiber furniture products, please contact us.


2. Wirasindo Santakarya

We are a leading Indonesian Export company and manufacturer of rattan furniture and other natural fiber materials such as rattan, water hyacinth, seagrass, banana leaf, abaca, and crocodile. We are very experienced in exporting quality furniture worldwide since 1993. We have completed hotel, villa, or house projects for wholesalers, retailers, or interior designers from Asia, America, Europe as well as Africa.


Our furniture is made of Natural fiber and Rattan which can grow quickly and easily in the Indonesian Rainforest. So that it does not have an impact on GLOBAL WARMING as well as deforestation. In addition, our treatment is based on a water base system that is environmentally friendly for your family and saves our environment. Feel free to contact us for your inquiries about our eco-friendly furniture which can be made of rattan, water hyacinth, seagrass, banana leaf, or abaca.


3. Noormandiri Rattan Manufacturer

Natural Rattan & Synthetic Rattan Furniture Manufacturer. Noormandiri is a furniture manufacturer with a wide range of beautiful and timeless products made from natural rattan, synthetic rattan, and wood furniture. Located in Jepara Central Java, Indonesia since 1997 we are happy to serve our clients throughout the archipelago and beyond.


With our experience of more than 20 years of exporting furniture nationally, we have a global point of view and international quality standards, which will give you furniture ideas and inspiration.


At Noormandiri, we also help you find, decorate and design the perfect furniture for all kinds of needs, both indoor and outdoor. From the best materials, we also provide various kinds of sofa sets, dining sets, chairs, tables, garden furniture, bar sets for homes, hotels, restaurants, resorts, and many more.


We provide high-quality rattan materials, such as natural rattan, water hyacinth, banana, seagrass, and Kobogray. In addition, we also provide synthetic materials such as Viro and Rehau, while furniture is made of teak, mahogany, and reclaimed teak.


At the same time, we always strive for service excellence, providing you with great satisfaction which is our main commitment and value for our company. From finding ideas, designing, selecting materials, processing, building, finishing, and packaging to delivery, with the highest elaboration and quality.

Synthetic Rattan Furniture with Woven Styles and Colors

4. Sonindo Gemilang

Sonindo Gemilang is a producer of furniture rattan from Indonesia, the focus is the design, manufacture, and sell product furniture rattan. The company is trying to offer product furniture beautiful rattan _ with price, quality, and time more delivery _ good as well as committed forgive great satisfaction normal for customer with furniture quality high. Product the more known with Cirebon Rattan name.


since In 2013 Cirebon Rattan has been shipped to a number of countries such as Australia, Zealand New, French, the American Union, and many countries showing that Indonesian rattan has been interested in various customers all over the world. Because Cirebon Rattan is too committed to sustainability source power-Limited earth, the company tries to reduce, use back, and recycle repeat product side production together with solution creative other for alone source power nature .


5. Danindo Jensen

Danindo Jensen is a manufacturer and exporter of rattan furniture that has built a reputation for producing quality rattan furniture over the last 20 years. Using Danish expertise and quality control we are able to produce quality eclectic designs manufactured, in our own factory located in Cirebon Indonesia. We use the best materials and manufacturing techniques ensuring durability and comfort at a reasonable price.

Our company is dominated by Indonesian Rattan Furniture producing natural rattan furniture, wooden furniture, and poly rattan furniture in Cirebon, Indonesia. We are constantly developing new rattan furniture designs for our customers, so please check our website for new rattan designs and rattan furniture trend inspiration.

Please contact us for access to our online portfolio and for more information on our rattan furniture.


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