Not many Indonesian restaurants in the United States, people realize that Indonesian food, which is rich in spices and herbs, is loved by some Americans. How not, it all happened thanks to the increasingly global trend of Asian food.


The number of Indonesians who migrated to Uncle Sam’s country is also a way to introduce our special food, you know. According to the Pew Research Center, there are at least 129,000 Indonesians living in the United States.


Some of them decided to open restaurants, here are nine of the most famous Indonesian restaurants in the United States. Many of the fans are also local Americans!


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1. Bandung Restaurant


Although the name is Bandung Restaurant, the menu is not only from Sunda. This restaurant in Wisconsin sells almost all Indonesian specialties.


2. Simpang Asia

If you go to Los Angeles, you can stop by Simpang Asia. The price is cheap, the mainstay menu is Tek-Tek noodles, Balado eggs, and yellow rice.


3. Wong Java House

Wong Java House was owned by an Indonesian citizen from Surabaya in Wisconsin in 2013, Enny Picket. The menu is varied, there are so, meatballs, yellow rice, and rending.


4. Yono’s Restaurant

Located in Albany, New York, Yono’s Restaurant serves fried noodles, Gado-Gado, and rendang. Founded by a chef from Indonesia, here.


5. Kasih Restaurant

Kasih Restaurant is often included in the list of the best restaurants in Los Angeles. The menu served is typical of the archipelago but is processed in a western way.


6. Warung Kamis

Thursday’s Stall is in Queens, New York. Only open on Thursdays, this place also sells Indonesian specialties, such as chili sauce.


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7. Janty Noodle

Janty Noodle is located in Hong Kong Plaza, California. The taste of the noodles is typical of street food stalls in Indonesia, the broth and meatballs are a winner!



8. Hardena Waroeng Surabaya

In Philadelphia, there is Hardena Waroeng Surabaya. The concept is like warteg, a variety of Indonesian specialties served in a row of pans.


9. Tempe House Spicy Food

Initially, Tempe House Spicy Food was a specialty restaurant for tempeh. Now, this restaurant in California already sells a variety of Indonesian specialties.

Those are some of the most popular Indonesian restaurants in the United States. If you’re visiting there, the restaurant can be a cure for your longing for Indonesian food, right!