Indonesian Swallow’s – The government released 494 kilograms of swallow’s nest (SBW) exports from East Java (Jatim) with a value of IDR 9.9 billion to China. Minister of Agriculture (Mentan) Syahrul Yasin Limpo said the export of swallow’s nest was carried out together with 33 other superior East Java agricultural commodities worth IDR 140.3 billion to 12 destination countries at once.


The productivity of our swallow’s nest is in demand by the world. I will go to China after this pandemic so that our experts will be stronger. According to the Minister of Agriculture, the livestock sub-sector commodity is under his guidance, namely for productivity under the Directorate General of Animal Husbandry, and its export facilitation is escorted by the Agricultural Quarantine Agency.


Swallow’s nest agribusiness business is very attractive, apart from requiring maximum hygiene. This industry is also labor-intensive, done with a large number of people, and this is very good for the country.

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For information, currently, East Java Province has 84 registered swallow houses with 9 swallow processing houses. From the IQFAST data, Barantan recorded that in 2020 the export volume was 245.3 tonnes with a value reaching up to IDR3.5 trillion.


Of this amount, 26% succeeded in fulfilling the Chinese market and the rest was absorbed by other export markets such as Australia, the United States, Hong Kong, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, and Vietnam. The Ministry of Agriculture also noted that there was an increasing trend in East Java SBW exports from January 1 to March 10, 2021, reaching 51.3 tons and a value of IDR 661.3 billion.


This is our focus for both the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Trade, representatives of our country there, and others to encourage SBW not to question the Chinese market. There is no quota, as long as it is able to fulfill the requirements. The market is still wide open and we are capable of production.


Technically, the Head of Barantan Ali Jamil added that currently, the export requirements for swallow’s nest are generally easy. He only emphasized that what could be exported was only clean swallow nests.


In principle, it is easy, the most important thing is that it is not in a dirty form, meaning that there must be a process first.


As for exports to China, prospective exporters can contact the technical implementation units of Agricultural Quarantine throughout Indonesia for assistance in order to meet the requirements according to the Indonesian Quarantine Protocol with the Chinese Quarantine Authority (GACC).