Indonesian Tin Producers are the Largest Tin Exporters

Indonesian Tin Producers are the Largest Tin Exporters

When you mention mining, the first thing that comes to your mind is gold, petroleum, or coal. However, it turns out that there is a very valuable mining material, namely tin. Its distinctive feature is that it has a shiny white color and is the best conductor of electricity and heat, so it is much needed by humans.

The Largest Tin Producing Area in Indonesia

However, unfortunately, tin can only be found on certain islands. However, the amount is very abundant, it can even make Indonesia the second largest tin exporting country in the world.

Belitung Island

Bangka Belitung is the island that produces the largest tin in Indonesia and the second largest in the world after China. The mining location is located in Manggar. The factor that causes the abundance of tin in the area is the large number of acidic rocks found there.

So far, the tin that has been successfully obtained from Bangka Belitung is 100,000 tons. Over time, this number continues to increase. This area is very strategic for the world in trade.

In 2018, Indonesia exported quite a lot of tin destined for 26 countries. This transaction is quite profitable because it gets an income of USD 1.5 billion. These conditions can illustrate that Bangka Belitung has a very promising potential for tin.

About 95% of the tin mined and processed in Indonesia comes from Bangka Belitung (Babel). Tin in Babylon has become an export commodity since Britain came to power. Mining at that time still used simple tools such as hoes, pan, hoes, and shovels.

In 2019, production increased three times compared to the previous year, from 12,300 tons to 37,700 tons. Sales were recorded at 31,600 tonnes of which 98% was distributed for export. This figure is quite large and in the future, the size of tin exports will continue to be increased to support economic development.

The wealth in Bangka Belitung is truly amazing. No wonder, in June 2020 the number of exports could increase by 51.96%, of which the main destination is Singapore or Singapore. In addition, it was also sent to South Korea, India, China, and the United States.

Indonesian Tin Producers are the Largest Tin Exporters


Bakinang is one of the areas located in Riau, Singkep Island. This tin mining is the oldest in Indonesia and also the largest as is the case on Bangka Island, South Sumatra. Historically, these activities have been carried out for two centuries, from 1812 to 1992.

Before being managed by various companies, the tin in Singkep used to be panned using traditional methods. The existence of mining from PT. Timah (UPTS) has made Singkep Island at the peak of its glory, especially in the economic sector, thereby increasing the welfare of the community.

Indonesia has only three islands that have natural wealth in the form of tin, namely Singkep, Bangka, and Belitung. After independence was in the hands of Indonesia, PT. Tin is involved in mining management.

On December 1, 1857, an agreement appeared allowing a Dutch company called SITEM to dig tin in Riau. The peak of massive excavations occurred in 1934. Twenty-five years later, the government returned to managing it until in the early ’90s the activity stopped.


River Liat

The Liat River on Bangka Island also contains natural resources in the form of tin found in the sand. This is what makes the tin here more unique than the products of other regions.



On Singkep Island, there is an area called Dabo which is one of the largest tin centers. Mining has been going on for about 180 years with an available area of ​​45,000 ha.

Dabo is a more developed city than Tanjung Pinang. Tin brings people’s lives to be filled with luxury and feel the various pleasures of the mining results. The glory is also shown by the start of modern life faster than in other areas in Riau.

For example, the availability of an abundance of various necessities of life such as clean water, electricity, health facilities, adequate foodstuffs, advances in sports, and education. All of that was realized because of the abundant tin.



In the western part of Bangka Regency, more specifically in Muntok, it is an area where a large amount of tin is contained. You will find many tin mines in every corner of this area in Bangka.

In 2019, two smelters were built in Muntok which will be used for concentrate refining. The construction was carried out by PT. Timah Tbk. Its function is to produce low-grade tin ore. A fuming smelter was built with a capacity of 8,500 tons per year, while the production capacity of the Ausmelt smelter.

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