JFC’s mission is to increase the Japanese Food Wholesale Distributors and the rest of Asia. Building on a century of success, JFC today is strategically poised for growth. Every day, we serve growing numbers of Asian-American retail outlets, restaurants, and major North American retailers.


And every day, we deliver healthy, safe, high-quality Asian food products across the continent from our strategically located distribution centers. Every day, in every way, JFC is moving to higher ground.


Japanese Food Wholesale Distributors


At Japanese Food Wholesale Distributors the staff is knowledge-rich, highly ambitious, and experienced in authentic Japanese Foods. We are mindful of each individual client, allowing us to accommodate queries with the aim of meeting expectations. There are currently two branches one in London (UK) and the other in Düsseldorf (Germany). These two bases unitedly aim to deliver across all of Europe.


United Kingdom

Established in 2017 Japanese Food Wholesale Distributors is the fastest growing authentic Japanese Food wholesaler. The UK branch has built a client base of over 300 including Michelin-starred restaurants and well-known Japanese Food retailers. The company also operates a Japanese restaurant in the West of London.

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Japan Food Express is an importer and Japanese Food Wholesale Distributors located in Düsseldorf, Germany. There is also a branch in London, UK. We handle not only dry and frozen Japanese foods but also fresh fish (Hamachi and Madai), Japanese vegetables, and Wagyu.


We deliver with our own vans and logistic trucks to local Japanese restaurants, including Michelin-starred and sushi bars. As well as retail shops in Germany and other EU countries. We also operate a Japanese supermarket in Düsseldorf.


JFC Is Moving To Higher Ground

What that means to you, is that we’re not just growing sales -we’re supporting those sales with end-to-end expansions in logistical capabilities, reaching new heights in accountability, food safety, and on-time deliveries.


We’re not diluting our devotion to top-quality products and service – We are raising those standards to even higher levels of excellence.


We’re not retreating from our century-old heritage in Japanese foods – instead, we’re advancing a century-long tradition of bringing fresh new brands and cuisines to the global market.

We’re excited about the future of Asian foods. And, we’re eager to share that future with you.


Strategically Located to Expedite Service

JFC’s distribution network has expanded in step with market growth, stretching across the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. As demand has grown for our products, our business model has remained true to our guiding philosophy: leveraging our experience, merchandising skills, and technologies to exceed expectations for top-quality products and services.


Outpacing Evolving Market

JFC is an affiliate of Kikkoman Corporation, an international organization with origins in the 17th Century.

As part of this distinguished family, we’ve been able to build a thriving global network, bringing consistently high standards of service, merchandising, and distribution to an ever-expanding market.


JFC has brands of its own: J-Basket, Dynasty, Wel•Pac, and Hapi. Our product lines range from rice, the traditional mainstay of our business, to prepared foods and snacks. Because we’re known for our diverse range of Japanese and Asian specialty foods, JFC is well-positioned to take advantage of developing market trends and lead the way in sales and distribution.

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J-Basket brand products include the key ingredients required to prepare traditional Japanese recipes. Consumers look to the J-Basket brand to give their meals authentic Japanese flavor.


Dynasty is the leading brand of Asian specialty food ingredients sold in supermarkets. The Dynasty line includes ingredients for Chinese, Thai, and other Southeast Asian cuisines.


Wel•Pac is one of the best-known JFC brands. Its product line consists primarily of frozen and canned foods.


The Hapi brand includes a broad range of uniquely Asian snacks, from traditional Japanese crackers to frozen ice bars.


Vendor Brands

As the Asian-American population grows and North American consumers turn to healthier food, market demand rises for the very products JFC handles. An ever-broadening variety of items must now reach a growing market with speed, efficiency, and consummate service.


While our historical focus has been on Japanese food, our expanding portfolio now includes more than 15,000 high-quality products from across Asia, all brought to market with both niche and general-market merchandising expertise.


We represent and Japanese Food Wholesale Distributors of Asian food brands, each of which enjoys a loyal following among Asian communities and food lovers in the broader North American market. Here are just a few of the beloved brands that JFC is proud to bring to the global market.


US Head Office

7101 East Slauson Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90040

Tel: (323) 721-6100

Fax: (323) 721-6133



Japan Food Express Ltd

Unit 3, Beddington Lane Industrial Estate,
131 Beddington Lane, Croydon, CR0 4TD, UK
Phone: +44(0)20 3909 1555
FAX: +44(0)20 8664 9585


Source: japanfoodexpress.com and jfc.com