In fact, JustForex trading is different from manual transactions such as in Money Changer. Generally, a person’s purpose for buying and selling money in Money Changer is because of the need to exchange currency for transactions in different countries, so there is a physical exchange of money.

What is JustForex Trading?


What is JustForex Trading? JustForex trading is trading currencies from different countries with the aim of making a profit. In this sense, JustForex stands for Foreign Exchange.

Examples Of JustForex Trading

An example of JustForex trading is buying Euros (Europe’s main currency), while simultaneously selling USD (American Currency), which can be abbreviated as EUR / USD.

In the imagination of ordinary people, the meaning of JustForex trading is the activity of exchanging money in Money Changer, namely buying and selling foreign currencies manually carried out through a money changer.

Meanwhile, JustForex trading is carried out online for the sole purpose of making a profit. It should be understood, JustForex trading is a business activity, investment, and even a profession.

Foreign Exchange Trading

On an international scale, foreign exchange (forex) trading is carried out by various parties, ranging from governments, central banks, multinational companies, to certain individuals who have large amounts of assets (Big Player).

The buying and selling of currencies between various parties do not take place in a market with a physical building but in an invisible network called the “JustForex market”. As technology develops, JustForex trading reaches a wider scope.

Through the internet, trading JustForex can now be done by anyone, anytime and anywhere. Now, everyone can trade JustForex. You and I can trade JustForex online with ease and with a capital of as little as 10 Dollars.

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Illustration of JustForex Trading Understanding

The principle of JustForex online trading is quite simple, that is, profit from the difference between buying and selling prices by making buy transactions when the price is low and sell transactions when the price is high.

For example, suppose we buy $ 100 US Dollars when the Rupiah exchange rate against the Dollar is at Rp13,250. The rupiah we spent to get that $ 100 became Rp1,325,000.

A week later, the US Dollar got stronger and stronger until its exchange rate became Rp13,500. If we sell the $ 100, we will get Rp25,000 in profit, because other people who want to buy the $ 100 now have to spend Rp1,350,000 in Rupiah.

Such is the illustration of JustForex trading. However, JustForex trading is not carried out physically and there will be no movement of different currencies from the seller’s hand to the buyer or vice versa. JustForex traders transact in cyberspace through a platform called trading software or platform.

JustForex Market

JustForex market is different from traditional markets. Because currency is traded here, the market (where traders/market players buy and sell) does not have the form of a particular building, and each market participant can play a dual role as a seller as well as a buyer.

Who are these JustForex market participants?

Very diverse: it can be multinational banks, central banks, large companies, governments of any country, financial institutions, speculators. Given its global scope and actors, the JustForex market becomes very attractive and profitable.

Because it is so global, the JustForex market is the market where the money is circulating the most (up to $ 4 Trillion per day), and very liquid (can buy and sell at market prices, regardless of the amount). JustForex market is also open 24 hours non-stop, from Monday to Friday.

So, we can trade anytime according to our free time. JustForex market is open 24 hours a day due to the difference in time and working hours in each of the world’s financial centers.