Largest Nickel Reserves – Nickel is a commodity that has been talked about recently. Indonesia, as the largest nickel producer in the world, sees the potential of nickel in the future as a prima donna.


The government has established a nickel export ban policy to increase the added value of domestic commodities. Actually, which areas are the largest nickel producers in Indonesia? Let’s look at the reviews below.


Morowali, Central Sulawesi


Morowali can be said to be nickel’s paradise. Why not, this region’s nickel is one of the largest in Indonesia. Currently, there are a number of mining companies established so that many foreign investors are happy to invest in establishing mining companies and smelter factories in this area. The nickel-rich Morowali region is located in East Petasia, Petasia, East Bungku, Bungku Pesisir, Bahadopi, and Menui Islands.

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Halmahera Tiimur, North Maluku

East Halmahera has a lot of nickel potential and has become a center for the construction of a smelter factory. One of them is the Smelter Pig Iron (NPI) owned by PT Antam Tbk which is planned to be completed this year. The distribution of nickel in East Halmahera is in Maba, Middle Maba, Buli, and Wasilla.


Kolaka, Southeast Sulawesi

Nickel in Southeast Sulawesi can be found in Kolaka. This area is a nickel producer with the largest reserves in Southeast Sulawesi. But unfortunately, North Kolaka was hit by a flood which was rumored to be due to a large number of illegal nickel mining activities.


Gag Island, West Papua

Gag Island is one of the islands in the Raja Ampat Archipelago which has an area of ​​about 6500 ha. PT Antam Tbk has a nickel mining business in this area through its subsidiary PT Gag Nickel.

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Obi Island, North Maluku

Obi Island is the largest island located in the Obi Archipelago which is bordered by the Maluku Sea to the west, the Seram Sea to the south, and the Obi Strait to the north and to the east.


Obi Island has the potential for abundant natural resources, including nickel, which has a large regional contribution to the revenue of South Halmahera. On this island, there are many nickel mining activities including those of the Harita Group through its subsidiary PT Trimegah Bangun Persada and PT Megah Surya Pertiwi, which are preparing a smelter factory.