Since 1961 Leather Alterations Chicago Tailor Shop has been clothing individuals just like you. Come see what all our customers rave about. We can’t wait to make you look good!


Custom Suits Packages


Let us know how you’d like your suit to fall on your shoulders, waist, and shoes. The beauty of a tailor-made suit is that you won’t need to have it altered several times before it fits.


Shirts & Pants

When you have a shirt that compliments your shape and accentuates your best features, people will surely take notice. Our custom shirts are made to fit your body, so you can rest assured you will be noticed for all the right reasons.



Need your favorite pants fixed? Give us a call or come on down and see us. We will have your pants, shirt, leather jacket whatever it may be. We can’t wait to meet you.

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Who We Are

Here at Chicago Custom Tailor Shop, we strive to provide you with superior customer service as well as the best custom tailoring money can buy. Chicago Custom Tailor Shop is owned and operated by Juan Rios, since 1961 Juan has made his life about tailoring. As a boy in Mexico, he would help the local tailor and quickly acquired the trade.


As an adult, he moved to Chicago where he fell in love with the city and its history but most of all its Cubs. He then moved to San Antonio but brought with him the Chicago spirit. When you see his work you will know what quality truly feels like.


Leather Alterations Chicago

What types of damage are on the leather repair list? Cuts and tears, scrapes and abrasions, punctures, split and torn seams, staining and fading, cigarette burns, bullet holes (no kidding!), ink marks, all types of pens and markers, pet damage (cats, dogs, monkeys, gerbils, rats, and mice) as well as the everyday wear and tear of family life!


Restore stained or faded leather

The problem of stained and faded leather is very common in certain types of leather. Anilines and semi-anilines are especially prone to both. Sunlight fades leather quickly but even indirect light can fade aniline leather. but fear not some application of a light color coat and the fading can be restored.


Repair those split seams!

Split seams in leather upholstery are very common. Sometimes they are caused by a design flaw in the furniture and other times they are the result of regular wear and tear. An overstressed seam will pop and unravel very quickly. Or sometimes weak thread will break and the seam will pull apart rather quickly.

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Pet damage can be repaired

Pet damage is a huge issue when it comes to furniture, especially leather furniture. Most pet damage to leather is restorable. We go through your different options to give you an idea of what is and isn’t possible.


Leather, Suede & Shearling Repairs

Without A Trace is an expert in leather, suede, and shearling repairs. Common repairs include:

  1. Fix tears
  2. Replace damaged panels
  3. Replace lining
  4. Replace pockets
  5. Replace zipper
  6. Replace buttons and snaps
  7. Replace knit cuffs, collar & waistband
  8. Leather, Suede & Shearling Alterations


Our tailors can expertly alter your leather, suede, and shearling garments. Common alterations include:

  1. Shorten sleeves
  2. Shorten bottom
  3. Take insides
  4. Taper sleeves
  5. Narrow lapels

In the Chicago area, schedule a fitting with a tailor by calling (773) 588-4922. You can also ship your garment to us for alterations. Before shipping, please email or call us at (800) 475-4922 to discuss altering your garment.