Leather Laptop Bag Pattern – The Motoko 3 Large Laptop Briefcase. Read before you purchase! This is a digital download and not an actual bag! VIDEO tutorial of this build STEP BY STEP included in the description file. The download comes with step by step instructional video to make it easy for everyone no matter how experienced.

The PDF file contains real size patterns for every piece required to finish the design

The Tools Required Are


  1. A Regular Cutter,
  2. A Hole Puncher,
  3. Two Needles
  4. A Hammer.


The Materials Required Are

  1. Patches of natural leather
  2. Thick thread, preferably waxed
  3. A few rivets 2 d rings and 2 buckles


The file is available for instant download so you can print and start working right away!
We would also like to remind you that our patterns are protected by Copyright and reselling or sharing them is illegal and punishable by law. All the files are protected against illegal copying and alterations. Also, the PDF files are intended for manual work and ARE NOT laser or machine compatible.

The Idea: A Simple, Hand-Stitched Design

The idea was to create a bag to hold a 15″ laptop, a graphics tablet, a small camera, lenses, and other smaller things. It had to be a simple, hand-stitched design using 6-7 oz vegetable-tanned leather.

I didn’t want to add any stiffeners, lining, or hardware in order to keep the design simple.

Leather Hobo Bag Pattern Using a Free Sewing Pattern Machine

The First Stage: Planning And Pattern Making

  1. Initial Sketch, Rough measurements, and idea for the diagonal lines.
  2. Made a pattern out of paper
  3. The front pocket will change later. This design did not work with the thick leather I used. The


Second Stage: Cutting & Sewing

  1. Used the pattern to cut the leather
  2. This is the pattern on some 6-7oz leather.


Dyed The Leather Black

The next one will have to be naturally tan colored.


Sewn On The Small Front Pocket

The small pocket in the front is now a wet-molded pocket instead of the design from the paper version. It’s very small and meant to only fit a small wallet or cables.

Hermes Vegan Leather Bag Material in the Fashion Industry

Sewn The Sides To The Front: The Bag Is Taking Shape.

At this point, I’m still not sure if the bag will fit together.

Thank you for understanding.