Potential of Lobster in Indonesia and its Producing Regions

Potential of Lobster in Indonesia and its Producing Regions.

Pearl lobsters (Panulirus Ornatus) and sand lobsters (Panulirus Homarus) are potential lobsters to be developed through the aquaculture system in Indonesia. The two types of lobster are part of the five lobsters that grow and develop well in the waters throughout Indonesia.

Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries

The Director-General of Fisheries and Cultivation of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Slamet Soebjakto, said that although the two types of lobsters above have good potential to be cultivated, they are highly dependent on the supply of seeds that come from nature or direct marine waters.

“Because the lobster hatchery is still unsuccessful,” he said as a speaker at a virtual discussion held last weekend.

Potential of Lobster in Indonesia and its Producing Regions

There are three other types of Lobster

Apart from these two types, there are three other types of Lobster which are also found to grow and develop well in almost all water areas. The three are the batik lobster (Panulirus Longipes), bamboo lobster (Panulirus Versicolor), and rock lobster (Panulirus Penicillatus).

In developing lobster cultivation, since 1999 Indonesia has been doing so by relying on seeds caught directly in the sea on a traditional scale. However, this method is considered not yet practical because it takes about 8-10 months to grow with trash fish feed.

“From the transparent size seeds to reach the range of 100-125 grams per head,” he explained.

The lobsters suddenly appeared again after the Corruption Eradication Commission (KKP) arrested Edhy Prabowo, who was still the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries. Edhy was arrested in connection with the lobster seed export case.

Many Countries Expect Lobster from Indonesia

Regarding lobsters, Indonesia is indeed one of the countries that are quite calculated. Having wide waters makes Indonesia one of the largest lobster producing countries. Not surprisingly, many countries expect lobster from Indonesia.

In Indonesia, several regions have become the largest and best producers of lobster seeds. Starting from Nusa Tenggara to Java Island, here are the lobster-producing areas in Indonesia:

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1. West Nusa Tenggara (NTB)

NTB is an area that produces pearl lobsters, sand lobsters, batik lobsters, bamboo lobsters, and rock lobsters. From the data dislut.ntbprov.go.id, it is stated that NTB is the largest lobster producing area and the largest source of lobster in Indonesia, especially in East Lombok and Central Lombok.

There has also been developed lobster cultivation using floating net cages (KJA) and using local raw materials introduced by the ADB Co-Fish Project by relying on traditional sea-caught seeds.

2. Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta

From the KKP data, it is stated that Gunung Kidul is also the area that produces the best lobsters. For example, rock lobster, sand lobster, pearl lobster, batik lobster, bamboo lobster, and Pakistani lobster.

3. East Java

One of the areas in East Java is also a lobster producer. Starting from sand lobster, new lobster. The KKP said the southern waters of Java did have several types of lobsters. This is because the habitat of Indonesian waters is coral and coral reefs because the climate is tropical and fertile.

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