MyHeritage App Makes Old Photo Nostalgia “Alive Again”

MyHeritage App Makes Old Photo Nostalgia Alive Again

MyHeritage App, a new photo editing trend has gone viral. Some internet users share old static photos that can move, like GIF videos. The static photo was apparently edited using an application called MyHeritage.


Many users deliberately edit photos of their deceased family or relatives with the MyHeritage application, to reminisce with them. There are also those who fun editing photos of legendary figures who have died, such as the Irish poet Oscar Wilde, King Richard III, or the painting of Monalisa. The photos are then uploaded to social media such as Twitter or TikTok.


So, who created the MyHeritage application? MyHeritage is created by a company of the same name, which makes websites and software about genealogy. MyHeritage application users can create a family tree, upload and search for them through a photo.


Now, they enrich the features of the application, one of which is animating static photos. Static photos that can move are made possible thanks to the artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the Deep Nostalgia feature. “You will have a” wow “moment when you watch your precious family photos come to life with the” Deep Nostalgia “feature,” said Gilad Japhet, founder, and CEO of MyHeritage.

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Seeing the faces of our beloved ancestors come to life in a video simulation, makes us imagine what they would look like in real life and provides a profound new way to connect with family history, “he added, summarized by Poil Indonesia.


In its official statement, MyHeritage is working with D-ID, a company that specializes in making video visuals using an AI technique called “deep learning”. Utilizing blueprints from pre-recorded videos or what they call “drivers”, MyHeritage can turn uploaded static photos into motion photos.

Animated motion is adjusted according to the orientation of the face in the image. That way, users will get different results for their photos, depending on the angle of the photo and the accessories on the object’s face. The resulting movements consist of real human gestures, such as smiling, blinking, nodding, or turning the head.


“Technology sometimes needs to simulate parts that do not appear in the original photo, such as teeth or ears, and the quality of the final result may vary,” wrote MyHeritage on its website, giving an example that when an object is photographed using a hat, motion simulation can work well. , but in other photos, the results can be different.


As for the resulting movement, it is made as realistic as possible, as if the object in the image knows how to move if it is recorded in video format. To maximize the results, MyHeritage uses features to increase the resolution and focus on blurry or low-quality photos. The Deep Nostalgia feature can also be used on color photos or old school photos whose colors have been changed through the MyHeritage In Color feature.


The MyHeritage application can be downloaded on the Play Store at the following link and iOS users can download it on the App Store at this link. Once downloaded, then open an account and create an account. Then, upload an old photo that you want to make a move.


Then, tap on the image and click on the animated icon present at the top. Wait a few moments for the animated photo to be ready to download. Once downloaded, users can upload it to social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or Twitter.

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