New York State Fishing Regulations – New York State has around 300 Environmental Conservation Officers (ECOs) and Investigators (ECIs) who work all through the state, including New York City. ECOs invest the majority of their energy watching inside their allotted province. The help of people, in general, is crucial for the effective requirement of state environmental laws and guidelines.


On the off chance that you notice somebody abusing Environmental Conservation Law or see the consequences of an infringement, REPORT IT! Poachers and polluters are hoodlums, taking from you, our kindred fishers, and people in the future. The individuals who contaminate our air or water, obliterate our current circumstances, or disregard fish and untamed life laws are crooks.


Contact an Environmental Conservation Police Officer (ECO)


For general inquiries, call 1-877-457-5680. You will talk with a dispatcher who will help you or interface you to an ECO. For best help, let them know the territory you are calling from or the region your inquiry is about.

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Report All Poachers and Polluters

Call 1-844-DEC-ECOS (844-332-3267). You will address a dispatcher who will help you in indulgence a grumbling. You may request to have your name kept confidential, or you may ask to file the grumbling without leaving a name (secretly). Grievances may likewise be accounted for online at


Grievances are sent to an ECO for examination. The more definite data you give, the more probable the violator will be secured. Attempt to recollect the “who, what, where, when, and how” of the occasion.


Stay away from the violator.

Try not to approach or endeavor to defy suspects. They might be risky, obliterate proof, or just avoid officers whenever admonished.


Who did it?

Give names, ages, sex, tallness, weight, attire or vehicle depictions, and different subtleties.


What happened?

What precisely do you believe is the idea of the infringement? Models — assuming control over constraint of fish, catching, unlawful netting, fishing unavailable, intruding.


When did it happen?

Give dates and times. Is it still in progress, continuous, or something yet to occur? Models—happening at the present time, happens each Fri night.


Where did it happen?

Give road addresses, town/province, name of stream, waterway or lake, GPS area. Numerous fishing infringements happen on enormous streams, so specific areas are significant. Models — at the north finish of the spillway on Smith Creek Dam, close to red float 32 on Reynolds Channel.


How could it happen?

What techniques or conditions were utilized to submit the infringement? Give some other data the ECO may find valuable.


Ecological Conservation Officer Rosters

For the current posting of Environmental Conservation Officers by Region, if it’s not too much trouble, visit

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Utilizing THIS GUIDE

This guide contains

  • Statewide Species Regulations.
  • General Regulations (Definitions, Taking and Possessing of Fish, Methods of Taking Fish, Regulations for Harvested Fish, Purchase, and Sale of Fish).
  • Baitfish Regulations.
  • Extraordinary Regulations.
  • Fish Health Advisories.


To find guidelines for the water/species you are fishing:

  • Survey the Special Regulations first (pages 8–69).
  • In the event that the water you are fishing or the species you are fishing for is not recorded in the Special Regulations, at that point the Statewide Species Regulations (pages 6–7) apply.



General Regulations for guidelines on how you are permitted to fish and how you can manage your discovery including techniques for taking and shipping fish.


Baitfish Regulations for data on the assortment and utilization of baitfish.

  1. Fish Health Advisories on the off chance that you intend to devour fish.
  2. On the off chance that you have any inquiries or are uncertain of any guidelines, call or email the closest DEC Regional Office. Contact data can be found in the Special Regulations part of the guide.