Nissan and Mitsubishi Delivered Cheap Electric Cars Rp. 200 Million

Nissan and Mitsubishi Delivered Cheap Electric Cars Rp. 200 Million

Nissan and Mitsubishi – As brothers in the alliance, Nissan Motor and Mitsubishi Motors are planning to launch a new electric car. Not an ordinary electric car, but a cheap electric car that is estimated to have a price equivalent to a conventional engined car.

Reporting from Nikkei Asia, the cheap electric car will cost less than 2 million yen, or around Rp.265 million. The official price is an estimated price after receiving a government subsidy of 200,000 yen or around Rp. 26 million.

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The cheap selling price of the car cannot be separated from the plans of the two manufacturers to make an electric-based Kei Car. So that the selling price of electric cars can be further reduced because it follows the scheme proposed by the government.

As is known, Kei Car has become the best-selling car segment in Japan with a market share of 40 percent of all cars. So do not be surprised if the Kei Car is considered to play an important role in accelerating the adoption of electric cars in the Land of the Rising Sun. The selling price of the prospective electric car can be even cheaper if you take into account the different subsidies in each region.


For example in Tokyo, the subsidy for Kei Car purchases for the fiscal year 2021 has actually increased to 450,000 yen, or around Rp.59 million, from the previous 300,000 yen or the equivalent of Rp.39 million. For information, the selling price of electric cars in Japan is still quite expensive.

Nissan Leaf, for example, is sold for 4.41 million yen, equivalent to Rp.584 million. Then the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, which is planned to stop production this year, is priced at around 3 million yen or the equivalent of Rp. 397 million.

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Apart from Nissan and Mitsubishi, Toyota also has plans to launch cheap electric cars. For example, the Toyota C + Pod is scheduled to go on sale to consumers next year, with a starting tag of 1.65 million yen or the equivalent of Rp. 218 million. However, the C + Pod does not fall into the Kei Car category, so it is not road-legal.

This car has a maximum speed of 60 kph and is only used for certain areas. While the battery-based Kei Car is planned to be used for daily activities in urban areas, the battery coverage is limited to only 200 km. These specifications are expected to reduce the costs of a normal electric car by 30 percent, thereby keeping usage costs low.

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