This Pencave Co-Working Space at Naiipa Art Complex offers hot desks for walk-in customers and private rooms for groups that are more reminiscent of a university library than a cafe. Individuals can choose from a spot in the main room, dubbed Penguin’s Ground, either at a shared big table, the long wall-facing counter, or a daybed (B320/day pass or B6,000/month).


Pencave Co-Working Space


Groups can seek out more privacy upstairs in private rooms named Arctic Wolf (maximum 2 people/B900 per day or B14.000 per month), Ringed Seal (max 5 people/B2,250 per day or B35,000 per month), and Polar Bear (max 8 people/B3,600 per day or B56,000 per month).


There’s also a library and chill living room with a hammock-like communal bed for when you need a short break from work, too.  


In addition to having a rental office for regular employees, the Naiipa Art Complex project also has space for one-time workers. By renovating the old house of Khun Sapat Rakkitwan, the co-founder of the project sparked the idea of ​​creating a co-working space for the general public. It is a building that is nestled in the territory of the big tree of the project.


The handle of the pen is a symbol of the thinker

Pencave Co-Working Space is a workspace for rent for a new generation of start-up workers, freelancers who want to use the workspace of the Naiipa Art Complex project, separated from the internal office space that is selected only for companies working in the field.

Co-Working Space Silom Monthly Members Get Secure 24/7 Access

Art and must have a long-term lease But people who come to use the Co-Working Space can stop by for a walk. Feel the freshness from the green leaves in the project as well.


Naiipa Pencave

If we translate the word Pencave directly, it means “pen cave”. The reason for choosing a name that has the word Pen in it is because we think that the pen is a symbol of creative people. It’s a tool for writing ideas. Imagination came out into the real world. Then use to design a new logo symbol to have a more attractive image. By modifying the letter’s name to become a penguin (pen > penguin) that looks cute, alive, friendly to people.


Renovate an old building in the modern classic era

In the past, this building was a printing house for Khun Ta’s magazine publisher. Later, the function was changed to a family home. Then decided to renovate the internal structure to become a Co-Working Space, the original architectural style of a modern classic building that has maintained its beauty overtime for more than 30 years.


Professional From the selection on the 75th anniversary of the Association of Siamese Architects A playful division of space, elevation with small steps, opening details, and structural lines that are rarely seen in modern architecture.


Designed Foldable Wooden Table

The main load-bearing structure of the building remains in its original form. Renovation work will focus on building systems for use to suit the increasing number of people entering. Most of the interior design and furniture arrangements are done by the project owners themselves. There are beach chairs to lie down and work comfortably.


There is also a custom-designed foldable wooden table for expanding the usable space. There was a hammock hanging in mid-air. Want to create an environment that doesn’t look serious Not attached to having to sit and work with tables and chairs. Stay in the same position all the time I wanted to create a small resting corner for designers to relax. Be inspired by new areas


Three floors of the Pencave Co-Working Space

Wood planks, bare cement, white walls, 3 raw, cool elements that look simple. giving a warm and friendly feeling


The rooms within the three floors of the Pencave Co-Working Space are named after the animals from the North Pole after the penguin habitat. There is a meeting room Recreation room, playroom, chairs for working in various corners Shared and private office rooms Rental fee can be charged on a daily, monthly, yearly basis.


Not just a general Co-Working Space

Not just a general Co-Working Space, because Pencave intends to create a design community for designers and entrepreneurs to meet, organize workshops, share knowledge. Targeting people working in the arts creativity and design Give new designers a workspace that really works for them.


Empathy from project owners who work as designers Creates a workspace for art and design professionals. Create a Design community Space that encourages business people and designers to share ideas. Continuing the idea to grow

Co Working Space Sukhumvit Ambiguity Digital Nomads Aplenty

Pencave Co-Working Space

Instant discount for Daily Pass, only 260 baht/day (from 320 baht/day) only. A designer from the Silpakorn fence who experimented with turning himself into a writer.


Always seek out interesting news from both Thailand and abroad to come up with ideas, arrange them and tell them through letters to those who are interested. Because I believe that in fact, design is a near-term story that is waiting for someone to open and read // Design is everything.