History and Profile of Pertamina Balongan Indramayu Oil Refinery

History and Profile of Pertamina Balongan Indramayu Oil Refinery

Pertamina Balongan Indramayu – Pertamina’s oil refinery in Balongan, Indramayu, West Java experienced a fire incident this morning. Here’s the profile of the refinery that produces fuel oil (BBM).


Pertamina’s oil refinery in Balongan Indramayu

The PT Pertamina (Persero) Balongan Refinery or the Balongan VI Refinery Unit (RU) is the sixth of the 7 refineries of the PT Pertamina Directorate of Processing with its main business activity is processing crude oil (Crude Oil) into BBM (Fuel Oil), Non-BBM products. and Petrochemical.


1990: Pertamina Balongan Refinery was built

Quoted from the official website and the company’s sustainability report, it is known that the Balongan Refinery was built in 1990 through the export-oriented refinery I (EXOR-I) project, which aims to increase added value for the country through the export of the oil and gas and non-oil and gas sectors in accordance with Government policy. Then, it started operating in 1994.

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2003: Improvement of Production Refineries

After that, the refinery routinely carries out refinery improvements (revamping) and expansion. Revamping phase I was carried out in 2003, in order to increase production capacity to 130 MBSD with a ratio of 50% Duri crude oil and 50% Minas crude oil.


2005: Established the Langit Biru Refinery

Two years later, in 2005, to be precise, this unit expanded by establishing the Balongan Blue Sky Refinery (KLBB) with a design capacity of 52 MBSD. KLBB is the only manufacturer of environmentally friendly products High Octane Mogas Component (HOMC) in Indonesia.


2008: Increase Propylene Production

In 2008, the second phase of revamping was carried out to increase Propylene production. At this stage, the RCC catalyst cooler type is replaced from the back mix type to flow through so that the RCC can process feeds with higher MCRT content.


2013: Expansion in the Petrochemical Sector

In 2013, another expansion in the petrochemical sector was carried out by establishing a ROPP refinery that could increase Propylene production with a design capacity of 490 MTPD.


2015: Transfer of LPG Refinery Management

On December 13, 2015, the Mundu LPG Refinery was transferred to the Directorate of Gas and New and Renewable Energy.


2016: Developed Pertalite RON 90 Products

Furthermore, in 2016 this refinery developed a special fuel product (BBK), namely Pertalite RON 90. Then, Pertamax Plus RON 95 was developed into the Pertamax Turbo RON 98 product and launched on July 13, 2016. In the same year, this refinery worked on the Avtur Project. I, optimization and function transfer of the Process Unit to produce products.


2017: Production of Pertamax Turbo

In July 2017, this refinery started production of Pertamax Turbo with the quality complied with EURO IV (Sulfur Content). Now, the operational area of ​​the refinery, which is located in Indramayu, West Java, is not only in Balongan but also in Mundu and Salam Darma. The raw materials processed at the RU VI Balongan Refinery are Duri and Minas crude oil which comes from Riau Province.

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PT Pertamina Balongan, the largest in Southeast Asia

The existence of the Balongan Refinery is considered very strategic for Pertamina’s business and for the national interest. This is because, as a relatively new refinery and has implemented the latest technology, it has high economic value with superior products such as Premium, Pertamax, Pertamax Plus, Solar, Pertamina DEX, Kerosene (Kerosene), LPG, Propylene.


For this reason, its contribution is quite large in generating revenue for both PT Pertamina and the state. In addition, the Balongan Refinery has a strategic value in maintaining the stability of fuel supply to DKI Jakarta, Banten, parts of West Java, and its surroundings, which are the centers of business and the Indonesian government.


The focus of the Balongan Refinery

The focus of the Balongan Refinery in the future is to develop business potential through the application of new technology, the development of new superior products, and the application of international standards in the quality management system while remaining based on an environmentally friendly commitment.


As is known, this refinery caught fire early this morning. A total of 5 people suffered serious injuries and dozens of others had minor injuries. Meanwhile, residents around the location have been evacuated.

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