What is Poly Rattan Furniture? What is Synthetic Rattan?

What is Poly Rattan Furniture iss it true that synthetic rattan

Poly rattan is a special and durable material, especially suitable for garden furniture, it is waterproof, UV, easy to clean, and environmentally friendly. Thanks to the high quality of workmanship you will enjoy the length of this charming set! Besides, the fruit set can imbricate between them as you can see from the picture, it will come so as to cover the whole set which is very practical when not in use.

What is Synthetic Rattan

Synthetic rattan or commonly called poly rattan is a material made using PE, a type of plastic. Synthetic rattan is very good for outdoor use because of its resistance to weather conditions.

Not all synthetic materials are good because it depends on the type of base material used. We from selohome.com provide two types of materials that are inexpensive and expensive.

Rattan furniture has become very popular recently. Many believe that poly rattan furniture is the best solution for patio space. This is most important because it offers practicality, comfort, and style, all rolled into one strong package. Its appearance creates a relaxed atmosphere that cannot compete with aluminum, metal, or plastic furniture. Furthermore, the solidity of poly rattan furniture is much more than natural rattan.


Natural Rattan Furniture

Woven fiber is a material for making natural rattan furniture. Rattan or wicker are close relatives of palm plants. Rattan is relatively similar in structure to bamboo but does not have a hole in the middle. Braid the rattan fibers together to form various pieces of furniture.

Natural rattan furniture looks beautiful and is area friendly. But naturally, these fibers are easily damaged and rotten by weather factors. Natural rattan is determined to flash fade and disappear when exposed to sunlight. So, furniture from natural rattan is preferable for indoors only. Fortunately, there is a perfect substitute for poly rattan that will help solve most natural rattan fiber problems. On this basis, we would like to highlight some of the advantages of poly rattan fiber:

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Durable poly rattan furniture with the weather outside

Poly rattan furniture does not fade when exposed to direct sunlight and consists of a resin that is built to look like rattan with a sturdy frame fiber. Therefore, they can adapt themselves indoors or outdoors according to their owner’s goals. Thanks to its resistant energy and longer use life, rattan furniture is currently in demand for outdoor, lawn, or terraces in America, Australia, and Europe.


Keep your page natural appearance

Poly rattan furniture looks exactly like a natural (comes in various natural shades) and is light so it is a very suitable option for your outdoor, especially the adorned terrace, yard, and balcony. You can imagine an immortal page by your side as far as your life


Low maintenance cycle

Poly rattan furniture requires low maintenance throughout usage. Unlike natural rattan which needs to be treated with special oils and preservatives, poly webbing can last for a long time without treatment. Take a moment to sterilize your furniture with a gentle scrub and it will look kind of new. If you are attacked by dirt, it is also very easy to clean with warm water and is not prone to rust, such as metal lawn furniture or fungi such as natural rattan.

With all of its advantages, an item of poly rattan furniture is a smart option because it introduces economical and low cost. It is not only much cheaper than hardwood but also lasts almost that long. Poly rattan has almost the latest design trends, which make it easier to decorate a room using rattan.


The Advantages of Poly Rattan Furniture

The advantages of poly rattan furniture are clear, extensive style options, affordable prices, easy maintenance, clean and durability. Therefore, if you have a limited budget, want a natural look for your space, and enjoy durable furniture, choose poly woven furniture. You don’t want to regret your choice!

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