Poly Rattan Garden Furniture – Rattan is known to many people as material from wicker or furniture for braiding. It is made from the trunk of the Rattan palm tree and can be easily bent and processed under the influence of heat. In this way, it is very easy to produce furniture that is ergonomically shaped.


Because rattan is a natural material, it can only be used on a limited basis for outdoor use, because weathering causes the material to quickly become brittle and brittle.


The emergence of poly rattan furniture


In the 1980s, former professional soccer player Robert Dekeyser came up with the idea of ​​producing rattan furniture based on synthetically produced rattan fibers. He developed a polyethylene formulation from his grandfather, who used it for the detergent drum by Henkel. The so-called “poly rattan” is compared to the all-weather and UV-resistant all-weather braided natural rattan, which is designed to perfectly mimic natural rattan fibers.

A Brief Introduction to Synthetic Rattan Furniture or Ploy Rattan

The main idea here is to harmonize the cozy and warm look of natural rattan furniture with the weather resistance of synthetic fabrics. In addition, they rely on innovative designs, which give the furniture its own personal charm.


Properties of poly rattan

Polyrattan furniture is considered to be dimensionally very stable and very strong, as the fibers made by polyethylene have undergone a long development process. Fibers from leading manufacturers are put at their paces and go through a constant development process. The purpose of this process is to bring man-made fibers closer to natural products and to keep quality to a high standard.


Not only in the field of weather resistance but also in the field of optics and haptics, great progress has been made. In addition to a wide range of colors, today’s high-quality poly rattan has a surface structure that feels soft and pleasant. In contrast, most cheap imitations still use a smooth, unstructured surface, which they are quick to reveal.


Beware of polyrattan imitations!

The number of copycats and fakes is increasing from year to year. Most of the plagiarism originates in China, where they are made of low-quality fibers and then sold for a fraction of their original price.

If you buy garden furniture at Discounter, you should be aware, that the imitation life is about 3-4 years. If you want to use furniture in a sophisticated design, in the long run, you should look for products from well-known manufacturers directly.


Product diversity in poly rattan products

Apart from standard garden furniture such as polyrattan seating groups, most well-known manufacturers, such as Dedon, also offer additional products. The product range changes from polyurethane planters on top of polyurethane chairs to poly rattan chairs. In addition, there is polyrattan furniture in various shapes and colors. Oftentimes, well-known designers are involved in furniture design, which then gives the collection its own personal touch.

What is Poly Rattan Furniture? What is Synthetic Rattan?

Cleaning polyrattan garden furniture

Trendy and elegant garden furniture made of polyrattan is finding its place in a growing number of gardens, but after a long gardening season, they are not spared the signs of wear.

Bondex has developed a new poly rattan cleaner so that high-quality, expensive furniture can regain its usual shine in time for the new season. With him, you can effectively clean and care for all plastic furniture in a wicker look. Soiling like sunscreen residue or unsightly dirt edges is not a problem for Polyrettan cleansers, as they are very strong and gentle at the same time.

It doesn’t matter if you use it for long furniture, dining table, chairs, lawn chairs, or beach chairs. The color of furniture is refreshed significantly and in addition, cleaners prevent long-term aging of garden furniture.