When it comes to buying Poly Rattan Material for garden furniture, it is important to know what materials are used, the differences, and what benefits each one offers so that you can make an informed decision about which material is best for your needs.


Poly Rattan Material


Rattan, Rattan Effect, Woven, Woven, and Poly Rattan Material are the most commonly used materials and techniques for garden furniture and many of them are simply referred to as ‘rattan’ so it is important to know the difference and what you are buying.


Rattan is a close relative of the palm tree. This is a type of grape that grows rapidly in the forests of the Southeast region. Rattan is one of the strongest woods available and has the ability to grow a hundred feet tall.


Its versatility and easy availability have made it a popular choice for furniture for hundreds of years. However, real rattan is not often available in the UK as it tends to rot when exposed to humid conditions which are incompatible with the UK climate and do not allow furniture to be left outside.

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Synthetic Rattan Made Of PVC Material

So, in England Synthetic Rattan or Rattan Effect is used, these two names are given to the same material, but both are often referred to as rattan. Synthetic rattan is generally made of PVC, PU, and PE. These materials vary in quality with PE being the highest quality, last the longest and require the least amount of maintenance. Synthetic/effect rattan is renowned for its weather-resistant qualities such as protection from UV rays and damp conditions.


Rattan Furniture Made With Woven Technique

Wicker is not a material but an ancient technique used to make items from natural materials such as willow, rush, rattan, and more. The technique involves getting natural materials wet so they can be easily woven to make rattan-designed furniture pieces.


So rattan furniture can be made with woven techniques, but rattan furniture is not limited to rattan material and can use other materials such as bamboo or straw. The durability and strength of rattan furniture depend on the material used, with rattan being the strongest.


All rattan furniture is woven around the frame, first vertical strands clamped to the frame and then horizontal strands woven to create the solid finish seen in quality rattan furniture. All rattan furniture is hand woven and therefore each piece is unique and there will always be slight variations between items. To suit the British climate, good-quality wicker furniture will look at a synthetic rattan material woven around a powder-coated aluminum frame to prevent rust and corrosion.


Synthetic Rattan Furniture is also Made of PE

Wherever you are, we recommend synthetic rattan furniture made from PE material, woven around a powder-coated aluminum frame. By using these techniques and materials, you are sure to have a piece of furniture that is durable, sturdy, won’t fade in the sun, is protected from moisture, rust, and corrosion, and doesn’t come off easily. Rattan furniture also has many of these great qualities, but we believe only rattan furniture made with synthetic rattan material will match the strength and durability of rattan wicker.


Furniture has a long history

The first evidence of furniture is paintings on wood or carvings used as home decor items. After that, people began to equip their homes with craft items, especially those made from animal claws. In Rome, this was even a popular way to show off their wealth and prosperity.


However, the years 900 – 1100 AC witnessed the reverse trend: the furniture was cut from the family property, and all that was left was the wooden or stone floors and walls. During the following periods of furniture history, there have been many changes in furniture styles: from Gothic, Renaissance to Baroque, or Robocop. Many of these styles are still used today in some places, especially in Europe.

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High-end poly rattan furniture is durable on the outside

Since then, furniture styles have continued to be discovered and changed from time to time. There are many ways to furnish our homes. Now people are not only concentrating on high quality and durable furniture, but they are also looking for well-designed and sometimes personalized items.


Poly woven furniture: Great innovation

There are many types of furniture, but based on their function, furniture can be divided into 2 types: indoor and outdoor. The difference between these 2 types mainly lies in the quality factor. Since outdoor conditions are always much more extreme, such as continuous sunlight or high humidity levels, outdoor furniture is often demanded to be weather-resistant, durable, and easy to clean.



That’s why the first and foremost consideration of almost all homeowners is material. There are many materials out there, but what could be your ideal choice? Many believe that Poly Rattan Material is the best solution for patio spaces.


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