Potatoes in Indonesia have the potential to become a world-scale potato-producing country. The condition is that the government must be able to collaborate with local researchers. Currently, several researchers have succeeded in making high-productivity potatoes.


Indonesian Potatoes Have High Productivity


Professor of the Faculty of Agriculture, Hasanuddin University, Muslim Salam, said a researcher at his faculty had succeeded in finding potatoes that had high productivity.

This finding has the potential to be developed on an industrial scale. “Researchers at our campus are able to develop potatoes with a productivity of up to 20 tonnes per ha or 4 times that of potatoes commonly planted by farmers.

The potato produced by this research is very likely to be developed on an industrial scale and has bright prospects. Given that the dynamics of world food are increasingly confined to 3 certain commodities, namely rice, wheat, and potatoes.

“The current condition is a good time to take this opportunity. Indonesia will very likely become a respected potato producer in the world.

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Potato Commodities Develop Well In Indonesia

Horticultural crops are one of the agricultural crops developed by farmers. Horticultural plants can be in the form of ornamental plants, fruits, and vegetables. The potato plant is a type of vegetable that is developed in Indonesia. It is hoped that the potato commodity will develop well in various regions in Indonesia, especially in areas where the land is suitable for potato crops.


Potato Crops Are Profitable For Farmers

Potato plant development is profitable for farmers because potatoes are not easily damaged, potatoes as a source of calories and protein, and potatoes have easy marketing. Along with the increasing consumption of potatoes by the community, there have also been developments in cultivation technology, technology for controlling pests and diseases, and technology in terms of genetics.


Potato Productivity In Indonesia Is Relatively Low

Genetic technology plays a role in obtaining new varieties of high quality. Potato productivity in Indonesia is low compared to developed countries. Current potato productivity in Indonesia is around 13 tonnes/ha, while in developed countries it is more than 30 tonnes/ha. However, with the development of agricultural technology that can be adopted by farmers, high-quality potato varieties can be obtained and potato productivity has also increased.

Potato development has good prospects and can increase the income of both farmers and the country. This is because the number of potato consumers is increasing, the area of ​​land suitable for potato crops, seeds, and capital is easy to obtain, and the farmers have more profits.

He is also sure that the price of potatoes has fallen not because of the abundant yields. This is because there are only a few areas in Indonesia where potatoes can be planted with optimal results.

Dieng, he said, is the largest potato producer in Indonesia. Beyond that, there are the Tengger, Bromo, and Pangalengan Mountains, Bogor.

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Dieng Potatoes Recognized The Best Potatoes In Indonesia

However, potato production in these two regions is not as abundant as Dieng potatoes. In fact, Dieng potatoes are recognized as the best potatoes in Indonesia.

Therefore, he believes that the decline in potato prices is due to imports of potatoes. The imported potatoes flooded the market and caused local potatoes to be pressed. “The price decline is likely due to imports,” he said.

Muntaha revealed that, in fact, this is not the only time potato farmers in Dieng have suffered. In 2020, farmers also suffered huge losses due to the drop in potato prices.

According to Muntaha, at that time, hundreds of Dieng farmers staged demonstrations at the DPR Building and the Ministry of Trade. They demanded that the government stop importing vegetables, especially potatoes, which is very detrimental to farmers.