Purse Repair Chicago is a harsh place when it comes to weather. From freezing winters to brutal summers. And our poor bags! Special attention must be taken if you want to get the Most Out Of Your Bag.


Purse Repair Chicago


At Without a Trace, we are experts in purse cleaning. Purses are cleaned delicately by hand, ensuring the finish, shape, and hardware are maintained. Leather purses can be refinished to cover wear and stains. You may also consider stain guarding your purse. Light colors and soft skins can especially benefit from this protection.


We also offer purse repair. We replace lining, fix damaged straps and handles, repair damaged skins, replace zippers, and more. Please contact us if you have any questions about our purse cleaning and repair services.

Leather Alterations Chicago Restore Stained or Faded Leather

Check the weather

It’s a great idea to quickly swipe over to your weather app or do a quick weather search before you go out. You probably don’t want to take your best bag out during a blizzard. Maybe your best backpack though!


Don’t leave your bag in your car

Cars might be the worse place for your handbag. They can get stolen, and they can also get destroyed by sunlight and high internal car temperatures. If you have to keep your bag in your car, then it’s probably best that you put it in your trunk.


Dinner and drinks.

Most of us love showing off our best bags when we’re out on the town. Buuuut…it might be a good idea to cycle through our other less expensive bags once in a while. Food and drinks LOVE to find their way onto our best materials.

Leather Surgeons is a full-service restoration studio specializing in precision repair, heirloom preservation, and authentication of luxury handbags, as well as consultation and sample-creation for the world’s premier brands. 


The Finest Leather Craftsmen in The Industry

For over 30 years, we’ve been developing proprietary restoration techniques, refinishing systems, and spa services. We are constantly innovating new ways to keep the world’s handbags looking like the day they were unboxed. Every item received passes through the hands of founder Gerry Gallagher, who is widely recognized as one of the finest leather craftsmen in the industry.

How to Sew a Leather Bag by Hand an Industrial Sewing?

Our operation is structured as a mail-in-only service to ensure the greatest care and security possible, which has the added benefit of allowing us to accept items internationally! When you send your handbags to our studio, you can trust you’ll be in the care of experts.


We’ve successfully completed repairs, restorations, and authentications on over 250,000 Chanel and countless Hermès items, making us the world’s leading authority on luxury brand handbags. 


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